updated house tour: apartment eight

Here's an updated house tour. Our home as of January 28th. The latest house tour will always be available through the "house tour" tab on the top of the blog, but I'm also making it a post so that when we update the tour we don't lose the pictures forever, but instead can find them in the archives. Happy looking!

Welcome to our apartment! Last time I showed you around, this was the view from the front door.

It has since changed to this.

You still have a straight shot to everything. The doorway and the sliver of a "window" on the left lead to our kitchen, and there's a dining room where you can see the side profile of the chair against the far door. That door leads to our bedroom. That's the chair I reupholstered covered by a legit sheepskin rug I picked up in Scotland. The cork board I made is above the chair {it should be dropped a little now to center on that window}.

Last house tour was in December, so the right side of our living room had a Christmas tree taking up most of it, so this side of the room looks different... and a little empty {but reads way roomy in real life which is important when you're working with 500 square feet}.

Now that side looks like this.

The little basket by the door catches the mail and library books/movies that need returning. Other than that, the only difference now is the bookshelf {topped with our mice} that we moved over there {to get the chairs closer to the couch for less awkward seating}.

The left side has also changed quite a bit. Here it is a month ago.

And here it is today.

We've added the open shelving in the "window", the diy heart art, and the diy side table. I haven't made those throw pillows yet, but it's still in the plan. 

To finish off the living room, here are some details...

{No, updates for the kitchen yet, so I'm leaving the pictures} 

We don't have stainless steel appliances or granite countertops, but I love our kitchen. We probably won't change much about this side of the room, unless we get a new mirror. Oh, and that utensil holder in the corner is cracked... so we'll change that in the future.

I added this long shelf in the kitchen so that all the stuff it's holding wouldn't crowd up the counters. We keep our bills in that wooden tray so we remember to pay them. As a side note, we have cooked and eaten the pumpkins {they've been awesome for our cranberry pumpkin bread}

We scored those three mushroom cookie jars at a flea market for $8 total. That bookshelf next to the red cart is made from the drawers of Mrs. Nowak's childhood desk stacked on top of each other.

On to the dining room. The changes in here are pretty subtle, but I love this room more and more all the time. Here it is in December.

Here's the updated picture.

We've lost some of the clutter, which definitely helps. That's the desk I redid there in the back, but it's sporting our new office chair {not gonna lie. probably my favorite purchase}. Next to the desk is the giganormous mirror we added the frame to. In the reflection of the mirror, you can see our small "hallway" between the dining room and the bathroom {which hasn't changed}.

That's the pallet shelf we made. We keep the typewriter there for our guests to sign, and I love reading their notes. There's our owl umbrella holder {named Miss Elle}, but as you can see, she's missing her umbrella.

On to the bedroom! The only thing we've change in here is the chair in the corner, so those are the only pictures I updated. 

You walk in to the side of my dresser {and a rolled up rug that used to be in our Dining Room but would not lay flat without a non-slip-pad}. We have two large {unframed} mirrors on the wall with the window {free off craigslist} in need of some frames, a cedar hope chest{free} that desperately needs to be refinished, and a framed picture of the cavalier hotel {our second honeymoon spot} taken in the 1930s.

There's our full sized bed {we'd rather be snuggly then 5 feet apart} with our duvet cover. We keep an extra blanket on there when it's freezing cold outside. We added that window unit to keep us cool in the summer.

We wanted to add a reading/ sitting area, but I picked the wrong chair. Here's the before.

And here's the after.

I think it's a huge improvement. 

That is Matt's gooseswanduck Percy. Someday I hope he gets to live in a more prominent room of our house {like an entry way, to welcome guests} but for now, he keeps us company. I love having a full length mirror {like my Grammie used to have} and I hope that someday my children will pretend they can step through it into another world, just like I used to. My late great- grandfather made that side table {and we received it as a wedding gift}.

One last {updated} panoramic shot to finish the whole thing off. 
Well, now you've seen it. We'll continue to tweak it as we go, and I hope you keep up. :)


  1. Cute updates! I might have missed this from before but what do the numbers represent on the wall in the hallway?

    1. They're actually only the numbers we receive when we take our car in to be looked at. I just loved the graphic shape and needed something to fill that space until we found something "permanent". Once we have kids I'd love to do number/roman numeral art for their birthdays or something, but for now it is just a meaningless graphic that represents our style better than an empty wall.. :)


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