diy side table

We were galavanting through Homegoods the other day and on one of the cooking aisles a large $20 cutting board caught my attention. It was the kind that was made from real wood. Like someone had chopped a portion of a tree out and made a cutting board, knots and all. I love that organic wood feel, especially when mixed with something else. Preferably something industrial, to make it look less like a log cabin and more like an eclectic space. 

We looked all over for a metal stool to be the "legs" for our cutting board side table. No such luck. Eventually we wandered into Lowes. I found myself actually liking some of the wooden legs they had {to be spray painted of course}, and there was even a rounded wooden leg that got smaller at the base and faded into a small metal foot. I was sold. We purchased three {can I convince you that it was for aesthetics and not because we are cheap?}.

This is the part where I should have pictures of the untouched wooden dowels and the cutting board. Yeah, I didn't take that picture.

Matt, however, did capture me spray painting them yellow in our makeshift spray painting station {a.k.a. a very covered kitchen}.

 And then we {meaning Matt} screwed them into the cutting board with the hardware we had picked up. We went for angled plates so our table would have the "I am resemblant to a tripod on purpose" look, rather than "I lost one of my legs to termites". 

We've been using a drum that Matt's brother-in-law brought him back from Haiti as our makeshift side table, and even though I enjoy its back story, it isn't level. I think it's fair that we have a "real" {cutting board and wooden dowels} side table and leave the drum available for the occasional festive dances we throw. 

It's doing a fabulous job at holding that lamp and looking spiffy. Don't ya think? When I came home from work today, Matt surprised me with those two brass swans that he found at the thrift store across the street. How cute is he{Matt, not the swans. ok, both}? I still need to show you my other brass buddies... They will be in the "what we got for christmas" post that I haven't written yet. Just a little project that I'm glad we finished before school starts up for me next week. Christmas Break, I love you. Stay with me.

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