the cavalier hotel

A couple of weeks ago we got the chance to steal a weekend off before school starts back up. We spent the weekend (as most of you know) in Hampton Roads. The weekend began with the newest Nowak Family Production premier of "Martha", and it was stepic {that's a mix of stellar and epic, for those of you fine people who've never heard it}. After that, we played a mixture of the usuals {swamp man, catch phrase, ultimate ninja destruction, and some made up game sort of like soccer but involving a floor buffer} and then headed back to my parents house for a shower and good night's sleep. The next morning mom made chili eggs {fabulous} and then we headed over to Matt's parents house to meet up with his family. The Thompsonowaks {Our sister/brother-in-law} were in town from Philly, and we continued the Nowak family traditions with some serious Thrift Store shopping. My favorite score from this trip was our new mustard colored ottoman. We have one of those awesome {hand me down from my Grandparents} couches that has a recliner built into each end, but my husband and I don't like to sit so far apart from each other, and so one of us gets the footrest, and the other sits in the middle, wishing he/she had a footrest. This ottoman is the perfect solution.
Matt had the genius idea to tuck it under the chair when not in use, and it has done its job perfectly. After thrift store shopping we broke away from the family and made our way down to where the highway hits the sand. I have lived most of my life in Virginia Beach {with the exception of Pensacola for a couple of months, Knoxville for a year and a half at school, and a semester in the UK}, and I bet I haven't gone to Virginia Beach more than 100 times. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so. It's a little depressing to think about. Anyways, we went down to the beach to spend the night in The Old Cavalier Hotel. If you know anything about the Old Cavalier Hotel, you should know that it is old {duh} and it's expensive. "So, why did you randomly go there you money wasters you?" {that was you talking} Because, originally we were going to get married on July the 31st, before we decided that May the 21st made way more sense. So we had already booked the Cavalier for this weekend. Here's the hotel as we approached it.

Gorgeous, isn't he? :) Yes, yes he is. The foyer was no disappointment either. If I ever had David Bromstead ColorSplash a room, this is the place I would take him for my inspiration. I love the colors and the details. 

Next stop? Our bedroom. Originally we had booked the honeymoon suite, but we downgraded since we had already had our honeymoon. We expected a decent room, with a partial ocean view, but that's not what we got. What we got was three whole windows of this:

Hello, Virginia Beach! :) It was the perfect weekend, full of family time, and alone time. 

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