new office chair

Back in July, we were on the lookout for an office chair. We had come to Knoxville with my childhood desk {redo here} but no chair to accompany it. I checked the local thrift stores one day and fell immediately in love with a chair. It had like an industrial science-lab vibe. Small problem. The dude at the thrift store was sitting in it... behind the counter. I still asked, "Is that chair for sale?" His reply was kind enough, "Sorry, honey. My wife would kill me." Oh, well. No biggie. It was only love.

So, I waited until Saturday and tried a different thrift store. I found a rounded wooden chair for three dollars and made that our "new"office chair. I liked it. Really.

Today, after our three mile walk to the post office, we wandered into the first thrift store I had mentioned. When we walked in the lady said, "Everything's half price." As we looked around, it made me think... "Everything?" I wondered if they were going out of business. I didn't bother asking, but I did make my way to the counter and repeat a question from six months ago.

"Is that chair for sale?"

"I don't see why not. How's three dollars?"

If she had said anything under $20 I would have taken it, but for $3 I ran all the way home to get my purse.

Ok, enough talk. Here she is.

I thinks she's gorgeous. There's more. When we flipped her over we found three things... 

1. The date "NOV 7 63" in a black stamp on the bottom. That's before my father was born. Awesome.

2. A sticker that made me very happy. This chair is legitly a science lab chair.

3. A sticker with instructions on how to raise and lower it. This one was the best. It means not only does my three dollar chair look amazing, come from UT, and qualify as vintage, she fits under my desk! Seriously exciting.

This is one of those things that I am like jumping up and down inside about. It's like I wanna call my mom and be like, "Check out our new chair! It's AMAZING! Three dollars! UT!"

But I won't. I'll just post this and non-chalantly hope that someone loves it as much as I do.


  1. Oh my gosh! I love this vintage-y chair!


  2. haha! love the chair. super cool looking!!

    ~amelia s.

  3. The chair looks vintage but still still in good condition. I'm glad you like it from the fact that there's a lot of modern chair that comes out.

  4. I like this type chair it is small and low weight and easily move
    Thank for you blog.
    Arbeitsstuhl - Laborstuhl

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