our first family shoot

I know, picture overkill. BUT LOOK! A tiny, adorable family! This is our first photoshoot with the three of us, and GOLLY, I love these people. Before we left for our fifth anniversary trip, we scheduled a photoshoot, with my good friend and favorite photographer, Hannah Brown. I'm so glad to have this time in our life captured.

Charlotte is already bigger than this, and Lord willing, she'll just keep on growing, so it is crazy important to me to have these moments frozen. I want to remember the finger sucking, the tiny smirks, and the brightness of her face. I want to remember how we felt as parents: exuberantly happy, and occasionally mildly overwhelmed. Matt helps me, and I help Matt, and together, by God's grace, we get to walk together through life, with this beautiful baby. I feel like it's the theme of my life, but I'm blessed and so thankful.

We didn't have a kitchen while we were on our week long trip out west, but we had promised ourselves to stay mostly on plan and grocery shop instead of eating out, to save money and continue losing weight. So, we invested in a $4.00 foam cooler in Reno, and carted that around from Reno to Lake Tahoe to Reno to Sacramento to San Francisco and back to Reno. The whole week, we cheated by sharing one Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (if you're gonna cheat, make it yummy), and I had one off-plan grilled cheese sandwich. The rest of the time we bought groceries and ate cold food (no kitchen, remember) like apples, cherries, peaches, strawberries, chicken breast, popcorn, cashews, tuna, sourdough bread, cheese, meat, celery, peppers, carrots, and black olives.

When I got home from our week long vacation with no kitchen, I had LOST WEIGHT. I am currently down to 159.8. I've lost over forty pounds this year on Trim, Healthy Mamas, and I'm still falling! Matt has lost seventeen pounds by staying on plan since we've returned from our trip. I only highly recommend this plan because it works! :)


San Francisco Zoo

A zoo is a zoo. If you don't like to watch animals, I imagine you don't enjoy zoos, but if you do, I imagine you'd visit San Francisco Zoo if you were in San Francisco. Because we are members of the Norfolk Zoo, we got 50% off our visit to the San Francisco Zoo. 

I'm not sure that I've ever seen a polar bear or a flamingo in real life. We don't have them in our zoo, anyway. I love to watch the animals interact with each other. The big, powerful animals are great, but if we're honest, I'm definitely a fan of the cutesy ones that could curl up on your lap. Did you see those nuts half way down? I'd like to know what they're called, if you know. They smelled AMAZING. I carried them all over the zoo, but no one who we asked knew what they were called. I'd plant a tree just to smell them more often.

This was our last full day in San Francisco, right after we waited hours for the valet to rekey our rental car *whomp whomp*. It was a beautiful day for a walk around the zoo, and it concreted in our minds our desire to continue the membership to our own zoo for our children's sake.