nine weeks

Now I'm nine weeks, and everyone knows! I feel really good! I go through stages of bleh, that normally have to do with eating dessert when I don't need it. This baby is trying to keep me healthy. I was told to only gain twenty pounds this pregnancy, and so far I have lost two pounds, so that's a good start.

Matt and I can't stop giggling, and whispering, "Baby!" We've both wanted this our whole lives and prayed for it together for years. God knew the perfect time, and, Lord willing, by the end of April we'll be parents!

I always wished I had an older brother, because I thought it would be handy to have someone to stand up for me and to have attractive friends for me to fall in love with. As it worked out, my younger brother introduced me to Matthew Nowak, so the order didn't end up making a difference. Regardless, because I always wished I had an older brother, I've always wanted to have a baby boy first, but since we've found out that I'm pregnant, I've felt a little like it was a girl. Maybe because I watch Maura so I'm used to having a baby girl around (though she's walking now, so not really a baby), or maybe because I'm the first born girl of a first born girl, but either way, if I had to take an early uneducated guess, I would guess girl. We still have eleven weeks before we'll know either way, so in the mean time, I'll twiddle my thumbs and register for things that gender doesn't affect.

That picture is of one of my brothers and me with one of our Pop-pop. I only have two memories of him, but I'm glad I remember him. This baby has six living great-grandparents, and I hope each one of them gets the opportunity to meet and love on our little one. Life continuing is so exciting.


eight weeks


Off and on. Like, I thought I wanted chocolate milk, but then after I drank it I wanted to lay on the couch for the rest of the day, so I wouldn't vomit. I've napped twice this week cause I wasn't gonna make it through the afternoon, but then I also have trouble sleeping even if I don't nap. So that's a lose-lose. One night this week I didn't think I was going to be able to sleep because a toasted cheese, tomato, and basil (and possibly bacon) sandwich sounded too good to me, but I resisted the need. I haven't actually thrown up yet, which is good.
Excited because we put the crib together and bought a new rug at IKEA! We've always called the room across the hall the nursery, but now I don't cause I don't wanna give it away before everyone knows. Haha, lame.
In love, cause Matt says, "I love you, two." and it sounds to other people like the normal, "I love you, too", but I know it's not. Hehe. Secrets.
Counting down the days til we'll get to see Baby Nowak on Thursday! (and tell everyone!, man I wanna tell everyone!) In case you're wondering why we decided to tell everyone before we made it out of the first trimester and into the "safe zone" it's because we were too excited to keep it to ourselves, and if something should happen to our little baby, we'd rather everyone already knew so they could be there for us with big hugs and sad hearts.

seven weeks


Sleepy. Like generally tired. A little blah and bleh. Matt was eating pancakes with peanut butter and chocolate and bananas, and when he offered me some, I could have barfed. Also feeling like shouting it from the rooftops. I wanna tell strangers since I can't tell friends. Ya know? Like, "How are you?" "Pregnant. How are you?" :) Also, feeling sneaky. Cause people ask, ya know? Like people give me advice on infertility and I'm like, "Thanks so much!… already pregnant though." One lady said, "It'll happen really soon!!!" and I just wanted to hug her and tell her. Also, people keep asking if we have kids or want kids or have been trying. And BAHHHH!! I hate secrets. I hate buying Christmas presents and not immediately telling the person I bought it for. Cause, it's fun to share fun things. And being pregnant is good news!!!

Week Eight ------> Here

six weeks

Gahhhh!!! Baby!!!! First little tummy baby!!!

 I'm feeling pretty well at this point. I haven't been nauseous at all yet. I've been sleepy more than normal, and I'm having some trouble sleeping at night (especially the night we went out for coffee with friends after church. normally that sort of thing doesn't keep me up all night). I've had normal tenderness and sensitivity (the first sign for me). I also have been making several extra trips to the bathroom every day. Re-reading this, it's a little too much info, but it's what my body's been up to as it makes room for little goose.
Also, feeling like the worst secret keeper in the world. I wanted to tell you! I promise. I literally named the first post after I found out I was pregnant, "Normal." Like. Normal. Like, nothing to see here. Just normal life going on. Not pregnant. Everything's normal.

How did I tell Matt?
Matt and I have a little present system where we leave gifts for each other in the mailbox. So, he'll say, "Have you gotten the mail today?" and then when I do there's a gift waiting for me. Not something that he had mailed to the house, but something he bought and stuck in the mailbox. So, the day I found out (Bekah was over, and it's a tiny miracle I didn't tell her), I took a polaroid picture of the first positive pregnancy test (followed that day by two more) and put it in the mailbox in an envelope. Matt actually beat me home, cause I went to drop Bekah off so we'd be alone, so I was worried he would check the mail before I got there. When I got home, he hadn't found the envelope, and I was too impatient to wait, so I took the envelope out of the mailbox and met him halfway. "Got something for you." I'm pretty sure that's how eloquent I was. For starters, I was trying to be chill so he wouldn't suspect, but I was also bursting to scream it, so I was trying to keep my speaking to a minimum. When he pulled out the polaroid (that said, "pregnant") he just said, "Really?!?!" over and over, while I assured him (in hugs and kisses) that it was true. We spent the next hour or so sitting on the couch with his head on my shoulder in mostly silent bliss before heading upstairs to make our families a video to tell them (which now you've seen).

Next week -------> here.

life is beautiful

Watch the video first. Cause, yeah. God did something amazing for us, and it's exactly what you think it is.

Did ya watch it? How cute are little Matt and Amanda? Very blonde and cute and bang-full.

Today we saw our first baby for the first time. It had a tiny little heartbeat and was wiggling all over. I love it. I'm nine weeks today and so crazy excited to tell you!

I've got details on when we found out -------> here.



Yesterday we were harvesting in our garden and of the fifty tomatoes that were ready to be picked, only eleven of them didn't have caterpillar holes or caterpillars actively enjoying them. It made me think about the goodness of God in our lives. We planted those tomato plants, watered them faithfully (at the beginning), and waited for them to produce fruit. But, even though we did everything right there was never a guarantee of fruit. And any fruit that was produced could have been tiny, sparse, or eaten by bugs. Often we take God's goodness for granted. We planted four tomato plants, and we have gotten hundreds (and hundreds) of beautiful, tasty tomatoes from it. I'm thanking the Lord.

We harvested our first watermelon yesterday. So excited to slice into that baby. There are others still growing too. That's something at least the caterpillars can't get.

Matt's been busy framing out the kitchen. We're almost to the sand, caulk, and paint phase of the trim. So exciting! Also, the house is slowing coming together now that no one is living with us and the rooms are almost finished. Once we're done with the kitchen, they'll be a shift as everything that is supposed to be in a kitchen goes there and everything that should be in a garage leaves the kitchen. That's a shift I'm looking forward to.

Next week I'll show you our new rug, which is laying pretty in the guest room across the hall. We also rearranged some furniture in the bedrooms upstairs. Nothing's quite finished yet though, so you'll just have to wait. But I promise not to make you wait long.

We had a Nowak-full weekend with some family in from out of town, good food, and lots of old stories. I'm super thankful for the family I married into. Glad to be a Nowak.



So you know the game before you start reading, on Friday my baby sister and I went to Ikea early and traveled back after lunch. It was Labor Day weekend, so we got to sit in traffic with one million of our closest friends who also wanted to go to my home for the weekend. So, ya know, hours. Not moving. Right by the tunnel that's only a couple of miles before my house. So, we made the best of it (between the spurts of crying. kidding). 

I would take a picture and then my sister Bekah would try to take the same picture. They're hilarious. Near the end, we switched places before making it to the tunnel.

After these classics, I let Bekah have a turn taking the first picture, and I would try to mimic.

Clearly neither of us are very good at it. After all that laughing, we finally made it through the tunnel and home. It took us three hours one way and six hours the other way. Ick. :) Oh well, I least we got some super photogenic pictures out of it.