maura's many moods

Eating pancakes is an emotional experience. Especially when there's a dog waiting around to eat anything you drop, a handsome boy smiling at you, and a camera you really want to touch.

Babies are the best.


good to me

"The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord, for giving me the things I need…"

That song from a Johnny Appleseed Disney cartoon has been stuck in my head, and man, does it make me want to name things that God has given me to be thankful for. Then this morning on my way to work I heard a song on the radio that said, "I had thought by now that you would have reached down and wiped our tears away, stepped in and saved the day; but once again, I say 'amen', and it's still raining…"

Matt and I have been praying for our family for years now and "trying" for a year and a half. Some days, it's frustrating to wait, but the Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord for giving me the things I need. Oh, he's been good to me.


around the house- july

  • The garden is still spewing tomatoes. It is kind of fantastic, but at the same time, a meal without a tomato or two sounds like a treat of its own. 
  • The baby girl I watch is almost one. ONE! Even though that's kind of like the youngest you can be, it's still so big. Pretty girl.
  • We had a cupcake war at the church. I don't bake, and it was kind of a miracle that the cupcakes tasted pretty good.
  • I love Tater. I feel like I'm always mentioning how not cuddly he is, which I've realized lately is because he doesn't ever just hop up on our laps and settle down, but after I gave him his flea medicine the other day he was eternally snuggly. It was like a giant, furry thank you hug. I'm such a cat person.


popular posts

If you click on the picture (or the tab above that says popular posts), you'll be taken to my updated popular posts page, which contains pictures to click through for my most popular posts. It's not a big deal update, but figuring out anything to do with code is a big deal for me. Click away!

oh, deer me

If I were a hunter I would hunt white ceramic animals with golden horns, but since I'm not, it's handy they sell their heads at TJMaxx. I'm certainly not sure that I'm done with their foam flower crowns (which I cut out while half-watching an episode of Heroes with the fam), but they needed something soft and colorful to break up the hard and white. That middle fellow has been around for at least a year, and you can see him in the grainy picture of our apartment living room in this picture. It's crazy fun how life evolves.

Do you see how dull-yellow our new yellow couch makes our old yellow couch look? Like post-it yellow compared to yield-sign yellow. The good news ins, I can't decide which one I'd rather sit on, which makes them both useful + the new one has a bed in case you visit and prefer to sleep in a neon couch instead of a twin bed.

Speaking of choosing, do you like the white deer or fantasy elk/donkey better? I couldn't decide (obviously), which is how they both made their way into my cart. Normally (though you can't tell from this post) I'm incredibly decisive, but not today.


camping kids

When there's sand in your everywhere and you haven't felt air conditioning in seventy-two hours, you can be pretty sure you're camping. If that moment comes for you, be sure to put reeses on your s'mores, play corn hole with people who are way better than you, and spend hours with a pool noodle keeping you afloat. Also, let children take pictures with your camera, cause they basically rock at it. Happy summer y'all.