Charlotte Pear: seven months

Charlotte at seven months is sweet. She smiles at friends and strangers. She has her two bottom, front teeth and enjoys eating any food we're willing to give her. She sleeps through the night from 10:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. and takes short naps at 11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., and again before bed.

She scoots backwards, rolls everywhere, high fives, and says, "Mama" and "Dada". When you ask her to say please (while showing her the sign language for "please") she replies with a huge smile (because she knows food is coming). She likes to turn off and on light switches and suck her thumb.

She's easy to love and quick to return snuggles and smiles. I know parenting her will get harder soon, but right now, she's honestly just a joy.


Trim Healthy Mama Meal Examples

If you haven't read the Trim, Healthy Mama plan book, start there. Without a basic understanding of the plan, my meals will just be confusing. But if you have read the plan book, and you want to see what my normal meals look like, I snapped a couple of pictures this week, to show you what my "normal" looks like.

Satisfying Meals : Referred to as S meals. High Fat, Low Carb.

These are some breakfast examples. They both use eggs, but just because I like eggs. Egg yolks are fat, so having a full egg (not just the whites), automatically makes this an S meal. Here I had a full egg with okra and peppers, cooked in butter.

Where's the protein? Eggs are high in protein, and there's butter here as well.
Where's the fat? Same places as the protein for this meal: eggs and butter.
Did you keep the carbs LOW? I didn't choose root veggies, I didn't have grains, and I didn't have fruit. It's a solid S.

This S breakfast has scrambled eggs with cheese and black olives. We have a side of bacon and a side of squash dipped in egg, almond flour, garlic, and salt.

Where's the protein? Eggs are high in protein, and we're also getting it in the cheese, almond flour, and bacon.
Where's the fat? Eggs, bacon, cheese, black olives, and almond flour.
Did you keep the carbs LOW? I didn't choose root veggies, I didn't have grains, and I didn't have fruit. It's a solid S.

Energizing Meals : Referred to as E meals. High Carb, Low Fat

These are some lunch examples. I've got lean meat, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and one wedge of laughing cow cheese on a carb smart tortilla, with a side of cherries. High carb, low fat. Also, I'm sipping a bai (blueberry is my favorite), which is a sugar-free drink that feels like a treat (and can be used with S or E meals).

Where's the protein? Lean meat and laughing cow cheese help us get our protein for this meal.
Where's the carbs? Cherries, tomatoes, mustard, and the tortilla are all full of carbs.
Did you keep the fat LOW? The lean meat and lite cheese keep the fat low.

E meals are my favorite, and here's another one. The bread is "Ezekiel Bread.", which we keep in the freezer and then defrost in the toaster before use. I have sugar free jelly and one triangle of laughing cow cheese on the bread. Cheese and jam is a winning sandwich combo. There's certainly no rule that says you have to use laughing cow cheese in your E meals, in fact this was the first week I tried it, but it was a yummy addition to these meals, and lite enough to use in a low fat meal! The sweet potatoes were sliced thinly, sprayed with a little coconut oil, and then baked on 400 until they smelled amazing. I sprinkled them with sea salt. Sometimes I sprinkle them with cinnamon and stevia, but the jam was already sweet enough for me in this meal.

Where's the protein? The laughing cow cheese helps us get our protein for this meal. As long as you have some in every meal, there's no set "amount" you have to have.
Where's the carbs? Sweet potatoes, bread, and jam.
Did you keep the fat LOW? The lite cheese keeps the fat low.

This is real life to show you what I'm putting into my body to help it heal and shrink. I hope it helps you see how doable this diet is!! I'm thankful that God made our bodies to grow babies, and that we can use His gift of food to change how we feel and how we look.


weight loss

Four years ago I was newly married and had let myself get overweight, so I stopped having seconds and started walking more, and I was able to lose nineteen pounds in three months. I got down to 151, and never got lower than that. I blogged about it here.

Two pregnancies later, I started this year at just over 200 pounds, with a husband who loved me like crazy and literally hadn't even noticed I was overweight and a new baby, who thought I was the sun and the sky (and the milk and the cuddles). 

No one was pushing me to change, but I needed it. I needed to be a healthier version of myself. I took some pictures the day I decided to start.

A lady from our church was doing the Trim, Healthy Mama diet, and, as a new mother, the name appealed to me. Two sisters wrote this book about what God created our bodies to need, and I gobbled the information up, happy to have found a map for my journey. In six months I lost fifty pounds and happily slid below the 151 mark that had been my previous unbreakable low.

Today I am 150 even and not quite finished. After I lost the first thirty or so pounds, my husband (who had way less to lose) joined me in my food choices, and he has lost twenty-two pounds in three months. This diet has worked for my family, so I'm happy to recommend it to you and yours.


He hath dealt bountifully with me

Psalm 13:6 "I will sing unto the Lord, because He hath dealt bountifully with me."

Lamentations 3:25 "The Lord is good unto them that wait for Him, to the soul that seeketh Him."

Our house hasn't sold.

If that doesn't surprise you, you weren't praying earnestly enough, because I'm surprised. I really thought, "We'll ask Him to sell it, and *BOOM*, it'll sell, and then we can give glory to God by saying that He sold it!"

But He didn't. He hasn't done what we've asked Him to do, yet. 

He's asking us to wait, and to seek Him in the waiting.

The house we want to buy is still for sale (much to our realtor's surprise). I'm not surprised. We asked God to hold it for us, and He has, but there's something for us to learn in the waiting.

Thank you for praying. Some of you have asked about our house, and I appreciate your care. I'm looking forward to the wall painting, the tearing out of carpet, and the redecorating, but in the meantime, I'm waiting. Learning from Jesus' hand something about stillness and patience.



After three years of living on Krick Street, we've put our home on the market with dreams of living closer to our church, on a little more land. We've found a house that is everything we want it to be, but before we can move, our home needs to sell.

Today we have a showing, and I'm asking you to pray that the buyer with make us a solid offer, and that the house we are hoping to move to will stay available for us! We know our God delights in answering the prayers of His children, so we're asking you to pray with us!!

James 1:6 "Let him ask in faith, nothing wavering..."


Charlotte Pear : Six Months

Life is busy, as summer rhythm changes work schedules, but I wanted to type our Charlotte's six month post before it is time to type our her seven month post!

Charlotte at six months weighs sixteen pounds and is twenty-six inches long. She right about average for her height and weight, but her head is still in the eighty-seventh percentile. This week (at six months and one week), her first tooth broke through! It's the bottom, front, left (her left) tooth, for people keeping track at home.

She rolls to get things, angles herself to get to toys, and moves backwards sometimes, but not on purpose. She likes to be read to and sang to, and she loves to hold her toes. She's easy going, but doesn't like to be alone (I have to put the folded clothes away sometime!), and sleeps all night every night, on top of naps.


gardening 2016

This year we planted the largest garden we've ever had. Radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, green beans, peppers, strawberries, sunflowers, and blueberries are all finding light, water, and warm soil in our backyard. Yesterday the bulk of our radishes were ready to be plucked from their warm little bed (Reluctant Dragon reference) and boiled. When you mash boiled radishes, the texture and taste (when mixed with the same seasoning you would with mashed potatoes) is gloriously close to potatoes, without the negative, weight-gaining effects.

Do you compost? We take all of our non-edible food bits and add them to a jar on our kitchen counter, which then gets emptied into a large covered "trash can" in our backyard to turn into mulch, essentially, which we use to fertilize our garden and flower beds. It's been an easy and rewarding process.

Yesterday, I harvested lettuce, and Matt added it to a wrap with chicken, soy sauce, peppers, onions, and some mozzarella cheese, and called it lunch. I like having his perspective added into our meals, because I would have skipped the soy sauce in the cast iron skillet, and it totally made the meal.

This morning I was 156.2. I'm enjoying the journey!!