extra kids

This week, aside from the normal little Maura and occasional sister Bekah, we have two extra kids we're responsible for keeping safe. Their parents are on a cruise this week, and the six kids were split between church families. It's nice to have bodies warming the extra beds upstairs, playing with the legos (apparently some blonde chicks have full, black mustaches), and wearing the uno cards thin. They've learned how to play pool this week and want to play even when they can't feel their hands anymore (unheated garage). Natalie's a big help, especially with food prep, but also with keeping Josh in line. I'm thankful for these kids.

Maura has been going to story time at the library once a week, and she's super cute. Making friends, popping bubbles, and always ready to dance or clap. I'm going to be sad when she stops being a "baby", and it's coming too soon!


eighteen weeks

If there's anything I have to say about this week, it would be that even though the exhaustion and emotional roller coater have faded more to normal, the dreams are still in pregnancy mode. As far as normal dreams go, I can normally remember pieces of them, but in pregnancy I can have four full-story dreams (interrupted by Tater Cat or my bladder) and remember all the details about each one. Maura (the little girl I watch) has been growling at animals. She knows it's what a bear says, but yesterday she was pretty sure it's what a horse, cat, and stork say too. So last night when I had a dream that lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!) were attacking a large group of humans that my father was somehow responsible for keeping alive and needed my help in directing to the highest point of the nearest (gigantic) playground, I blame Maura.

Yesterday Matt took me to Anthropologie, which I hadn't been to since they opened one in Virginia Beach. Ok, I'd just never been to one ever, but I'm a fan of their stuffs online. Oh my goodness. Some of it was so pretty. But the $50 candle, $180 puzzle, and $300 skirt were just beyond my price range on these things. Seriously though, I started flipping the tags just to check, even though I got good at guessing the ridiculous answer. We did buy two things on clearance as a Christmas gift for a sister-in-law. Pretty stuff.

On the way back to our car, we passed a maternity store that I didn't know existed. Matt recently bought me two maternity shirts (one pictured above), but other than that and a dress I bought the day I found out we were expecting, I don't have any maternity clothes. A lot of my skirts are stretchy and do fine, but my belly was showing in too many of my shirts, and most of my jeans don't close (or aren't comfortable closed). So, Matt leading the way, we slipped into Destination Maternity for a look around. They carried popular maternity brands, had a good clearance section, a play area for Maura (and Matt) while I shopped, and apple juice and a goodie bag for coming in. I ended up buying two motherhood belly bands, one of which I'm wearing today. It's definitely doing its duty keeping my tummy covered.

I just wanna say, when you're pregnant, go into all the baby stores and make all the registries, cause people give you free stuff in goodie bags. We already have two bottles, several pacis, and a bunch of coupons/gift cards, just from walking into places and announcing that this bump in my shirt is alive.


baby stuff: wooden toys and cloth diapers

When we found out we were expecting our first little goosecake, there were decisions to be made. There are one hundred different directions to go on what you choose is (or is not) important. Let's start with something that we've put on the "no, thank you" list.

To quote Land of Nod, "Toys that run on pure imagination; Batteries not required." That's not to say that if you buy us a battery operated kid's toy we're going to return it immediately without thanking you, but, after thanking you for your kindness, we will return it. It's not what we're in to. What do we want for our babies instead? 

See? Other things too, when they're older. Play food, dolls, puzzles, blocks. etc. etc. etc. The point isn't to limit them, it's to expand them.

Something else we are going a less traditional route on is the diaper department. Yes, we will register for some newborn diapers, so that while I'm low on sleep and new to this whole mommy thing, I can do what I already know so well, but after the first month or two, we're going to use cloth diapers. If other people have done their math well, it will save us thousands of dollars on the first baby alone. We'll be pouncing on these on Black Friday to save all the pennies we can. When Matt was talking about it earlier today he said, "I've never changed a diaper before, so it's not like I'll have to adjust." 

Cloth diaper

There are other things too, that we're thinking about/registering for. I'll write you another post when I round some of them up. All that really matters is that we keep this baby safe and teach it about our Savior, but if we can poke its imagination early and save some pennies on diaper duty, we'll do those things too. 

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seventeen weeks

Yesterday, at seventeen weeks, I hoisted myself up onto the vinyl, paper covered bed and asked a doctor some awkward questions, which she assured me were totally normal occurrences. With the confirmation that my pregnancy is "totally normal" and the admonition to eat more potassium (a banana a day, keeps the restless legs away), we listened to the rapid thumpity-thump-thump of a tiny heart.

We still have a long way to go, but there's so much growing left for littlest Nowak to do, so it's worth the wait.


sixteen weeks

That's where we were, Matthew and I, when he bent his knee and asked me if I would marry him. It's one of the places in the world that has a frozen memory attached to it. A slippery climb to the top of the playground in a short, black dress, with the man I love. We met there, you know. On the soccer field a few feet away. We slid through dew covered grass many Saturday mornings making the best kind of innocent memories, and then one day Matthew decided to give me another memory there. I'd say yes again, three years later, without blinking.

There's a baby in my tummy. It probably has blonde hair, soccer skills, a love for singing, and a quick mind. When I think about him or her, I always imagine the wonder in their eyes when Matt teaches them something for the first time. I'm looking forward to so much about this little one. There it is. Sticking out for the world to see. Strangers don't comment yet, unless I'm in the baby section of a store. That's ok, they'll see you soon enough. Only 24 more weeks inside, and in less than a month, we'll know what your name is!

black cats and pumpkins

We spent Halloween night out on a date, T.G.I.F for dinner (because we had a gift card, but I wouldn't recommend it, ever) and then a surprisingly clean movie about color, emotion, and murder (The Giver) after. 

We met up with friends for coffee as our only concrete plans on Saturday, which means I cooked/baked (lasagna, muffins, and potato salad) most of the day, while Matt worked in the bathroom. I've been hanging out with a lady who's new to the area, and it's been fun to look at our city with fresh eyes. So far nothing too crazy, but we've hit museums, restaurants, and the zoo. It's fun to have an excuse to go out with friends.

It seems almost impossible that it's the beginning of November, and I'm going in for my SEVENTEEN week appointment this Thursday. Seventeen is almost twenty, which is almost forty. I jumped a little there, but you get the idea. Less than four weeks til we know the gender of our littlest love. Gah!


fifteen weeks

Pregnancy has been doing amazing things to my skin. Also, makeup, but normally makeup doesn't make my face look like it belongs to an elf of the Woodland Realm. Carrying this baby has gotten easier (even though it was never hard). I barely have any of that "feel like napping after washing a sink full of dishes" exhaustion any more. I need to get someone (unprofessionally) to take a couple "look, baby belly" pictures for this stage. Cause I have a baby belly. Later in pregnancy I wanna get some full on maternity shots, but we aren't there yet. Only five weeks before we find out the gender though!! That'll change all of my life priorities!

Our church had a craft fair this past weekend with 70+ vendors. I talked to a vendor who just crafts on the side, and she reported making $800 profit. I think we might need to get in on that. Part of the craft fair was a silent auction, and the largest "item" was a week in a Corolla beach house. We were able to win the beach house for $850 for the week. With twelve adults (and one baby at that point) renting the house, it's $70 for the whole week per person! AND my favorite part about winning this beach house is it's the same beach house that my family goes to every winter for a week, so I already know that I love it. We go every winter with my family, but winter 2015 we'll be going with Matt's family. That'll be baby Nowak's first trip to the beach house! I'm planning our un-born child's life. :)