So you know the game before you start reading, on Friday my baby sister and I went to Ikea early and traveled back after lunch. It was Labor Day weekend, so we got to sit in traffic with one million of our closest friends who also wanted to go to my home for the weekend. So, ya know, hours. Not moving. Right by the tunnel that's only a couple of miles before my house. So, we made the best of it (between the spurts of crying. kidding). 

I would take a picture and then my sister Bekah would try to take the same picture. They're hilarious. Near the end, we switched places before making it to the tunnel.

After these classics, I let Bekah have a turn taking the first picture, and I would try to mimic.

Clearly neither of us are very good at it. After all that laughing, we finally made it through the tunnel and home. It took us three hours one way and six hours the other way. Ick. :) Oh well, I least we got some super photogenic pictures out of it.


maura and carrah

These pretty ladies met today at the church and they were having a good time practicing sharing, laughing, crawling fast, and standing.

I know, baby overload, but so cute!

letters and numbers

 The windshield on my car got hit by a rock or two, so today a kind man is removing it and giving me a new one. It's strange to me how easy it was for him to pop it out. Like, is windshield thievery a problem? I've never heard of it, but it just seems too easy not to be.

I've been taking some pictures around the church for the new website, and we're getting close to going live which is a fun feeling. Not that I ever want to do it again. Just keeping up with it will be enough.

This weekend, I have four days in a row off, and some of Matt's siblings will be in the area for part of it. Yesterday I had lunch with a couple of my in-laws, and it made for the perfect break in the day. Also, see those grainy 90s pictures of the blonde kid? Matt's just the cutest thing ever (still, but then too).

Ikea tomorrow with my baby sister for kitchen curtains (for me) and bedroom decor (for her)! I love an excuse (and a day off) to look at Sweedish stuffs. So, consider an Ikea post on the way, plus labor day weekend sibling fun. Now I just need to remember to take pictures of things while they're happening.