After three years of living on Krick Street, we've put our home on the market with dreams of living closer to our church, on a little more land. We've found a house that is everything we want it to be, but before we can move, our home needs to sell.

Today we have a showing, and I'm asking you to pray that the buyer with make us a solid offer, and that the house we are hoping to move to will stay available for us! We know our God delights in answering the prayers of His children, so we're asking you to pray with us!!

James 1:6 "Let him ask in faith, nothing wavering..."


Charlotte Pear : Six Months

Life is busy, as summer rhythm changes work schedules, but I wanted to type our Charlotte's six month post before it is time to type our her seven month post!

Charlotte at six months weighs sixteen pounds and is twenty-six inches long. She right about average for her height and weight, but her head is still in the eighty-seventh percentile. This week (at six months and one week), her first tooth broke through! It's the bottom, front, left (her left) tooth, for people keeping track at home.

She rolls to get things, angles herself to get to toys, and moves backwards sometimes, but not on purpose. She likes to be read to and sang to, and she loves to hold her toes. She's easy going, but doesn't like to be alone (I have to put the folded clothes away sometime!), and sleeps all night every night, on top of naps.


gardening 2016

This year we planted the largest garden we've ever had. Radishes, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, green beans, peppers, strawberries, sunflowers, and blueberries are all finding light, water, and warm soil in our backyard. Yesterday the bulk of our radishes were ready to be plucked from their warm little bed (Reluctant Dragon reference) and boiled. When you mash boiled radishes, the texture and taste (when mixed with the same seasoning you would with mashed potatoes) is gloriously close to potatoes, without the negative, weight-gaining effects.

Do you compost? We take all of our non-edible food bits and add them to a jar on our kitchen counter, which then gets emptied into a large covered "trash can" in our backyard to turn into mulch, essentially, which we use to fertilize our garden and flower beds. It's been an easy and rewarding process.

Yesterday, I harvested lettuce, and Matt added it to a wrap with chicken, soy sauce, peppers, onions, and some mozzarella cheese, and called it lunch. I like having his perspective added into our meals, because I would have skipped the soy sauce in the cast iron skillet, and it totally made the meal.

This morning I was 156.2. I'm enjoying the journey!!


pray for him

My husband is a window washer. That means that he wanders around (rich people's) houses, in and out of every room with a window. Sometimes people have naked art, whether its statues or portraits or photographs.

My husband also washes commercial buildings. Businesses. Sometimes the setting is mildly inappropriate. A store he wouldn't normally go into; a bar or a sex shop. Sometimes he's washing the windows of a Victoria's Secret, and he can't get them clean without looking through them. Sometimes he's cleaning the outside of a hotel, and the other side of the glass could contain ANYTHING.

Matt opted to not have a data plan on his phone or internet in our home, and we use a Clearplay filter system to keep sexuality out of movies. The point is, we're not the kind of people who turn a blind eye to sexuality/immorality.

We both looked at porn when were young, and we know that it's a marriage wrecking habit. Marriage is built on trust, and part of that trust is "forsaking all others, be faithful only to you." I know men who have ruined their marriages with pornography etc. So, we take steps to avoid the temptation where we can, but sometimes it's unavoidable.

My husband ran into something unavoidable the other day. Just like he tells me when he's washing the windows at a Victoria's Secret, he told me when this happened. It was just an opportunity for moral failure that presented itself in a way that would have kept it secret. No one would have known if he had cheated on me. I wouldn't have known.

I'm thankful for him. In gigantic marriage crushing situations, he turned away. In tiny choices he makes every day, he tells me that he loves me.

This is a post to praise my husband for loving me more than he loves his own flesh. This is a post to thank God for the difference His fruit can make in a life. This is a post to encourage other wives to pray for your husbands. Whether or not your husband is the honest, moral man that my husband is, he needs prayer. When I thanked him with tight hugs for loving me enough to leave that compromising situation, all he said over and over was, "Pray for me, Amanda. Just keep praying for me."

God's Word promises that in times of temptation there will be a way of escape (1 Corinthians 10:13), and we need to pray for the men in our lives, that they'll be willing to take God's way out of these situations.

Also, don't forget the women in your lives. For some reason, because men tend to be more visually-oriented, people want to leave women out of the temptation of sexual sins realm, and that's ridiculous. If there's ever a place where I'll fail big, it's in sexual sin.

Pray for your husband. Pray for his encouragement and joy. Pray that he'll lean on Christ for his strength. Pray that he'll escape temptation.



The first picture was in January, the second was from February, and the third was the end of May. I'm wearing the same shirt in all three pictures (though, obviously the third isn't in the same place at the same angle). It's exciting to see the progress!!

After I gave birth to Charlotte I still weighed 220, but I started the year at 200.2 with a determination to stick to the Trim, Helathy Mama Plan, and it has worked!! When I don't cheat, the scale moves!! I'm down to 158 this week, and I'm hopeful that I'll make it to my goal (128) before the end of the year!!

It helps me to see the progress in pictures, and I hope it encourages you too! If you have weight loss/health goals, Trim, Healthy Mama's Plan can help you meet them!


Charlotte Pear: Five Months

 All the brightness on God's earth in one beautiful face. Her smiles make my insides ache with unadulterated, selfless love. She is beautiful and sweet, everything I need her to be.

Charlotte has tried oatmeal cereal twice, and, though she's a pro at slurping it down, we haven't started feeding her regularly because she's completely contented by large quantities of breast milk, and that's free. She rolls and sort of scoots to get to things she's interested in, reaches for/grabs objects that she wants, and has been occasionally taking a paci on top of her normal finger/thumb sucking. She coos during talking and singing and sometimes laughs. She likes to suck on her shirt/my nursing cover while sucking on her fingers, and drools up a storm with no teeth in sight.

This last month she went on her first plane ride, touched the Pacific Ocean (before the Alantic!!), turned on and off a light switch just by being interested in reaching for it, was obsessed with her Uncle's graduation balloons, and slept through the night every night. She has started having a fairly regular morning nap routine (11am-1pmish) and then naps again at least once before bed time. We're in love. Life long love.


our first family shoot

I know, picture overkill. BUT LOOK! A tiny, adorable family! This is our first photoshoot with the three of us, and GOLLY, I love these people. Before we left for our fifth anniversary trip, we scheduled a photoshoot, with my good friend and favorite photographer, Hannah Brown. I'm so glad to have this time in our life captured.

Charlotte is already bigger than this, and Lord willing, she'll just keep on growing, so it is crazy important to me to have these moments frozen. I want to remember the finger sucking, the tiny smirks, and the brightness of her face. I want to remember how we felt as parents: exuberantly happy, and occasionally mildly overwhelmed. Matt helps me, and I help Matt, and together, by God's grace, we get to walk together through life, with this beautiful baby. I feel like it's the theme of my life, but I'm blessed and so thankful.

We didn't have a kitchen while we were on our week long trip out west, but we had promised ourselves to stay mostly on plan and grocery shop instead of eating out, to save money and continue losing weight. So, we invested in a $4.00 foam cooler in Reno, and carted that around from Reno to Lake Tahoe to Reno to Sacramento to San Francisco and back to Reno. The whole week, we cheated by sharing one Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream (if you're gonna cheat, make it yummy), and I had one off-plan grilled cheese sandwich. The rest of the time we bought groceries and ate cold food (no kitchen, remember) like apples, cherries, peaches, strawberries, chicken breast, popcorn, cashews, tuna, sourdough bread, cheese, meat, celery, peppers, carrots, and black olives.

When I got home from our week long vacation with no kitchen, I had LOST WEIGHT. I am currently down to 159.8. I've lost over forty pounds this year on Trim, Healthy Mamas, and I'm still falling! Matt has lost seventeen pounds by staying on plan since we've returned from our trip. I only highly recommend this plan because it works! :)