We finished tiling the kitchen yesterday!! We still haven't grouted yet, but it's looking fantastic. We're still finishing up the bathroom tiles, but man am I looking forward to that crisp black line on top of the white tiles. Everything is filthy in the pictures (because we've been tiling), but I can already picture it squeaky clean and finished, and trust me, it's pretty, pretty, pretty.


  • Knock down wall 
  • Paint cabinets
  • Raise cabinets
  • Add hardware
  • Move fridge
  • Drywall walls and ceiling
  • Spackle and sand (x5)
  • Paint
  • Hang shelves
  • Tear up flooring
  • Lay luan
  • Reframe windows
  • Tile
  • Grout tile
  • Seal tile
  • Lay hardwood
  • Replace faucet

My husband will be a full-time student this spring which is a new thing for us. I've been a student before, so we've been through this, but it will be different this time. Even though I worked my way through school to graduate debt-free, Matt is definitely the bread winner in our family, and the two days he'll be in classes will affect our bank accounts a tad. But, God has been faithful to take care of us through everything so far, and we're certainly not worried about His ability to continue. Speaking of God's faithfulness, this semester will be completely free thanks to a federal pell grant, so our only financial hit will be the missing income from days off.

2015 will be full of changes: a house that is finished being worked on, a husband in school, and a wittle, baby boy who needs extra love. We're so ready.


twenty-two weeks

Christian. You're my favorite little boy in the world. That includes Tater, Christian, and I'm a huge Tater fan.

Christian has been all about moving around. He likes root beer, ice cream, and sitting in church. When I say likes, I mean wiggles around so much that I have to cradle my belly and smile. He's spunky.

We've registered three places for him, and I update them occasionally if something new comes to mind.

Aside from things you register for, I've been thinking about what we want to do in Christian's nursery.   People keep asking about colors or themes, and I'm not a very "themed" decorator, so I'm trying to nail down my staples, so I have something to tell people.

We already have some things:

Clock: Target
Curtains: IKEA
Crib: Handmade by my great-grandfather
Print: Urban Outfitters

How obnoxious. I was going to link up some of these things that weren't found second hand (the sheep and black cat on the wall, plus all the stuff on the shelf and the hot air balloons were second hand), but I can't find any of them online even though I know which stores I purchased the items from. Silly websites, you'd get more traffic if you listed more of your stuff for sale online. 

But all of that aside, I'm trying to make a decision with what I'm going to do with the walls.

In case you have trouble deciphering themes, I appear to like white walls (check) with a tiny (generally black) print. My two favorites are the teeny polka dots behind the crib or the trees. The trees have a more masculine vibe to me, which is appropriate since it's a boy, but I think I would do smaller trees. The polka dots appeal to me because (aside from being beautiful) they're also more gender neutral so the nursery walls wouldn't have to change if the next baby were a girl. 

I want to decide soon, because once the kitchen and the bathroom are finished being tiled, it's time to work on just for fun projects like painting a thousand tiny trees on a white wall. What do you think?

raze, meow, and tile

 If you don't have a t.v., and you wish the baby you watch could be entertained for the entire morning by a single event that you don't have to duplicate, you could have someone knock down the house next door.

It's more than half-way gone by now, to make way for a new, inevitably two-story, probably green, house. It's a thing they've been doing in our neighborhood. Knocking down little houses and building two-story green ones with tiny bushes in their place. Whatever. It'll raise the property value for the street and maybe even bring a young couple next door with tiny babies for my tiny baby to be friends with.

The other day I mentioned how Tater goes out in the middle of the night and comes in every morning, but this morning (with all the commotion next door) he didn't come. So, in order to help him feel safe, I walked a couple yards over, called till he came to me, and cradled him with the intent of bringing him inside my safe and quiet house. I was bleeding down both of my arms and my face before I gave up, but give up I did. He's such a scared-y cat. At least I know he's not curious enough to get within two yards (not six feet, but two houses) of all the noise, and, in that way, is safe from the danger I first worried about when he didn't come in this morning. Poor fluffy, scared baby.

We've been tiling (I've even helped!) the bathroom and the kitchen, and we're only a couple hours of work away from being finished with both. The deadline is feeling real, folks. Not only are we having a baby (!!!) in April, but Matthew is (Lord willing) going to school this semester (we're in the process of scheduling classes and such), so time is tick-tock running out quickly. It's been the push we need though. We're getting stuff done. Hopefully a finished tile wall update this week!


twenty-one weeks

Every morning when I wake up, our dog is lying on his filthy sheep skin in a spot of sunlight. He'll stretch his front and back legs before being ready to follow me to the back door for a cold trip to the yard. When I open the back door to let him out, a black cat pops out from under a fir tree two yards over (where he must have an appointment every morning at 4:30, because he leaves the warmth of our bed like clockwork) and hops a couple of chain link fences to rub himself on my legs and warm my lap while I eat my breakfast.

Christian moves often now. It used to be flutters, like something small was rolling over, but now it's more harsh movements. A sharp, painless, internal jab to the same spot repeatedly. Matt hasn't been able to feel him from the outside yet, but I'm excited for the day he can.  As you can see, Christian takes up more real estate these days.

Matt has paused his work in our bathroom to tile the backsplash in the kitchen. It isn't grouted yet, and there's more to be tiled on the other side, but he's been working hard at it: tediously lining white rectangles across an empty wall, while we listen to Johnny Mathis sing slow songs on the record, and I slow dance with Maura in the glowing light of a Christmas tree.

I love this family God has given me.


my handsomest love

Of all the people in all the world, you're the one I least deserve. I've never met anyone who loves so selflessly.

I hope with all of me that our son gets just enough of my spunk and memory and all of your goodness, gentleness, and faithfulness. I can't tell you how happy I am to be yours. When you come home from a forever long day of working in the cold, with a smile on your face, I can't help but rush to the door to greet you with all of my warmest hugs. When you decline snuggle time to work on the bathroom, I know you're putting our baby (and me) above your own desire to sit still for a moment before we rush off to the next activity. When you tell me I'm beautiful when I'm only mundane, eating my chicken and rice, you make me beautiful. You light up my eyes, warm my insides, and encourage me to work harder at all the littlest things that affect our life. I'm glad to be yours, Matthew.


twenty weeks

On Wednesday we found out that our first baby is a boy. On Thursday we ordered our first dozen cloth diapers. On Friday we crashed three thrift stores and bought a couple articles of clothing for our little boy. On Saturday we organized his top drawers with all of his current clothes. Two shirts and two pairs of pants should get him through the first three months, right?

Kidding. But I'm not going to buy any more new* (*not second hand) clothes for him until after we have our baby shower. That's just a rule for myself so I don't wander through the infant department of Target once a week. Ok, I can wander if the object is to register once the season starts to change, but no buying. Seriously, though. I was very pleasantly surprised by the uber cheap ($0.50 or less) pieces we found at thrift that were in perfect condition and had the simple kind of patterns I'm digging for our little Mr.

Christian has been moving all over the place lately, and he doesn't like me to sleep on my tummy anymore, which is a bummer and makes for nights without enough sleeping. But it's a  boy, and our first baby has a name, and those two truths make the inconvenience of sleepy eyes a whole lot brighter.

Christmas decorating

 When your house is covered in glitter and metal hooks, you might be Christmas decorating. This year we had over a couple of siblings from church to help us get everything set up. The railing that leads up stairs, the tree, every shelf we have, and the front porch all got festive. My favorite new addition is the real garland around the front door. Let's do that every year, k?

We played dutch blitz and pool, and didn't let the temperature outside keep us from ice cream cones. In the end we dueled it out with uno to see who got to add the angel to the top of the tree. Any guesses? Ok, I'll tell you. It was me.