check in the box

Walls and ceiling primed and painted. Light hung. (!!!!) Yay for progress! Next step is window and door trim, followed by tiling. Last night Matt and I were talking about what bliss it will be to be finished working on the house and just get to do the projects we want to do.

Tonight we're taking a break from our kitchen to pray as a church for a discipleship program we want to start. I'm excited to find my part in it. Also, Matt and I are praying about what Matt should do for a job continuing on. He's not sure he's supposed to go back to school (even though we're saving toward that end), there's no reason to leave his current job (other than the possibility of something better), and he can't get restarting his own business out of his head. So, we're hoping for a direct answer to prayer there.

On top of kitchen work (and actual work) yesterday, last night we visited my parent's house for family night, saw my childhood kitty, taught Bekah how to eat Indian food with her hands, played heads up, and searched in vain for a decent teaser to the new Star Wars movie.

So thankful for home, family, and progress!


roller and brush

Lalala. Painting our kitchen white. It's all primed and half painted, and we're hoping to finish painting it today. I've already got art, a spice rack, and shelves ready to go up. If only these walls would paint themselves.

We'll be tiling the back wall with white subway tiles and laying bamboo flooring any minute. So exciting.

summer time

I go back and forth on my favorite season depending on what season it currently is, but today I'm a huge fan of summer. Volleyball, freshly cut grass (favorite smell in the world), watermelon, up turned dirt, and tomatoes. Lovely sunshine. Windows down on slow rides through town, and time with friends before they head away to school.

I think I'm gonna start juicing because I've been told a hundred times that it would be good for me, and there's no excuse to not be healthier! I hope your summer has been full of popsicles, frozen grapes, and swimming. Basically, I'm wishing you the best.


one more day

We could be finished sanding our kitchen today!! Then just paint, tile, trim, and floor! That still sounds like a truck load of work, but, trust me, sanding is the roughest part (says a girl who has never tiled or laid floor).

I'm so looking forward to having one solid color on those speckled walls.


invisible letters

We've been working on the kitchen again, and in case you're wondering where sanding drywall falls in my list of favorite house tasks, it's low-low-low. But, I got a fluffy duster wand, and it's actually inspired me to flit around the house on tip-toe singing merry, little tunes to myself (and removing dust), so that's a house cleaning win.

Chris and Jewel made it safely to China, and today my best friend leaves for there as well. Maybe we should all just go to China for a couple of years (kidding, mom). I'm excited to hear all about their adventures and you can keep up with them on their blog: http://chrisandjewelpearson.blogspot.com.

Our new additions to the living room are pretty difficult to see (because they're see-through), but if you look really closely at the top shelf and the next shelf, you can faintly see the outlines of our letters. An "A" up top and an "M" on the next shelf. Lucite letters. So pretty and invisible. Obviously, I did not pay (anywhere near) as much for them as the link, cause I'm cheap (TJMaxx), but I should have gotten a close up cause they're pretty, pretty, pretty.

The little girl I watch turned one. One is gigantically old.

I hope your August is productive, your garden is growing, and your babies have kissable cheeks!


basketball and briliance

Henry is a pro at basketball. Like, he makes it in the hoop and does better when the hoop is as tall as it can go than he does when it's low. I occasionally make it in, probably less than this boy who I'm three feet taller than. He also loves his sister, which is more admirable than being awesome at basketball.

Maura is feisty. Like, all the time. We got into a fight yesterday because I wouldn't let her climb the stairs to our second story. She was angry, and I was just trying to keep her alive. Also, when she crawls on pavement, she doesn't put her knees down, so feisty and brilliant.

around the house- august

My brother and his wife are on a forever long plane ride to China, and our life is slipping back into a two-person home. Pray for them today as they finish their traveling! It was so nice to have another lady around to talk to, but last night we slept with the door open, and that was refreshing too. Life in August is fast-paced, with barely enough daylight to keep up with the dishes. I've started a paint-by-numbers (when I should have been doing those dishes), inspired by that same lady, and it's crazy relaxing. As you can see, our garden is out of control, growing way past the boundaries we thought should contain it and producing (!!!!) watermelon! Color me excited!