closing up shop

Ever since the Great Caterpillar Infestation of 2014 (it was a thing), the fruit in the garden has had a hard time making the long trip to ripe. So as of yesterday afternoon, we tore the garden out, mowed it all up and composted the remains. In tearing it out, we re-homed a couple of giant garden spiders and uncovered several bird skulls that prove Tater thought between the tomato bushes was a good burial ground.

If you're local and like green tomatoes, let me know. I've got a couple hundred of them that may or may not turn red, and you're welcome to them.

If you think those last two pictures are pictures of Tater, you're missing the point. For the first time in my life, when I look down, my belly is out far enough for me to see it when I drop my eyes. Grow little baby, grow.



The kitchen has been a long time coming, and as we near the finish line, I wanna squeal. The one window still needs trim, then a touch of paint on the trim work, a wall of tile, and the bamboo floor! Close, close, close.

In one (or two) hard, long day(s) of work we could knock it out, but it seems like we never have a full day to do much of anything on the house, so we go in tiny pieces, inching along.

Our goal is to finish the kitchen and the bathroom before the baby comes. That's six months to work, a doable goal! Ten days til my next baby appointment. It's exciting cause it's new, but also unknown. I'm supposed to go in fasting and take a glucose test. Any advice?


We don't know yet if baby goose Nowak is a he or a she, so the nursery is certainly not finished being decorated, but as far as furniture goes, it's all there. Pop-pop (my great-grandfather on my mother's mother's side) made that crib (and the bookshelf behind the rocking chair and the dresser that's not pictured cause it has bills on it), and I'm excited that it's usable and pretty enough to live in our nursery. The rocking chair was a gift from a friend of Grandma's before our wedding, and I think it's perfect. The curtains and the rug are from Ikea.

This room has been a storage room since we moved in, holding pieces for every other room, and though it still has a stack of dining room chairs, boxes of tiles, and some random kitchen stuff here and there, it's getting close to nurseryish.

If you notice details, you may notice that there's a piece of art above the rocking chair with a couple of "C"s on it and another "C" on the bookshelf. That's because baby Nowak's name begins with a C, boy or girl. Guesses are welcome.


eleven weeks

Yes, I need to post more than once a week and maybe talk about something other than the baby I'm currently hosting.  But, it's the most exciting and new thing in the world, so you're gonna have to get used to hearing about it. Sleep. If you were my best friend, you'd be like, "Amanda and sleep are closer than Amanda and I." It wouldn't be a lie. Sleep and I are forever friends who don't hang out like we used to. Sleep. I miss you.

Today we helped a family move, and I was mostly unpacking/sorting, but whenever I thought about lifting anything, someone else would rush to me and snatch it away. Guess what pregnant chicks get to carry? The pillows.

This week was a mix of icky, dreary rain and perfect, breezy sunshine. So, it was a mix of working inside and dreading the trip to the mailbox, and frolicking through gardens after making animal noises to every creature at the zoo. My parents happen to be my boss and office manager, and they're out of town this week. It's a mix of crazy hectic cause I'm doing everything alone, and chill cause I'm not stressed.

Matt's birthday is next month, and while I was looking at presents I was like what's the line between I-want-to-do-something-nice-for-him and what-were-you-thinking-spending-that-much? I hate that line. But there's a bonfire on the horizon (which is Matt's birthday of choice), so in the end it'll be the friends and family that steal the show.



New blog header cause we've having a baby! Tomorrow I'll be eleven weeks! Gah! I'm glad that I'm busy: working at the office, watching a baby, and taking care of the house, cause it makes the weeks fly!

I need to take some kitchen and nursery pictures cause even though the nursery is far from done, the kitchen is getting close!

Did you notice the exclamation marks? Yeah, I might need to settle down, but I'm excited about life.


ten weeks

I guess it's more of the same. Maybe it will be until I get to hold this baby in my arms. All day long I feel like I'd be better off napping, but at night I toss and turn more than I ever did pre-baby. As far as sickness goes, I think I've been pretty blessed. Just a little bleh off and on throughout the day. Nothing serious. On a happy note: I'm pregnant, and check out that Ikea rug. Hello, beautiful.

I did a devotion the other day at a wedding shower, and it was an encouragement to my heart to re-study all the truth in the Bible that directs us as wives. I'm thankful God took the time to give us His Word. Also, super thankful for my husband. Even though I'm more emotional than normal (and yes, I know it), he's been everything I need.

We got new phones (we went with Republic Wireless, which will save us $600 a year over Verizon), and we've enjoyed having camera phones that work. For less than $50 a month, Matt and I have smart phones, unlimited talk and text and one phone with 3G internet access. It's a good deal, folks. Plus, sending your husband a picture when you feel pretty only helps the marriage relationship. :)

In two weeks I go back in to the doctor. Now that I'm thinking about it, I'll be out of my first trimester then! I'm thankful for the baby God has given us. I'm thankful that we got to see it wiggle and watch its heartbeat. I love it already, ya know.


nine weeks

Now I'm nine weeks, and everyone knows! I feel really good! I go through stages of bleh, that normally have to do with eating dessert when I don't need it. This baby is trying to keep me healthy. I was told to only gain twenty pounds this pregnancy, and so far I have lost two pounds, so that's a good start.

Matt and I can't stop giggling, and whispering, "Baby!" We've both wanted this our whole lives and prayed for it together for years. God knew the perfect time, and, Lord willing, by the end of April we'll be parents!

I always wished I had an older brother, because I thought it would be handy to have someone to stand up for me and to have attractive friends for me to fall in love with. As it worked out, my younger brother introduced me to Matthew Nowak, so the order didn't end up making a difference. Regardless, because I always wished I had an older brother, I've always wanted to have a baby boy first, but since we've found out that I'm pregnant, I've felt a little like it was a girl. Maybe because I watch Maura so I'm used to having a baby girl around (though she's walking now, so not really a baby), or maybe because I'm the first born girl of a first born girl, but either way, if I had to take an early uneducated guess, I would guess girl. We still have eleven weeks before we'll know either way, so in the mean time, I'll twiddle my thumbs and register for things that gender doesn't affect.

That picture is of one of my brothers and me with one of our Pop-pop. I only have two memories of him, but I'm glad I remember him. This baby has six living great-grandparents, and I hope each one of them gets the opportunity to meet and love on our little one. Life continuing is so exciting.