90% off

Today, I went through my drawers sorting my shirts by color {yep, really}, and ended up with two large bags worth of clothes to donate to the thrift store. I was also donating our old office chair which has been sitting in our living room since it got replaced by our new office chair.

When I carried my bags/chair into the donation section, a mirror caught my eye. A mirror with a Homegood's tag still on it. A mirror with the cardboard corners still on it. Normally thrift stores won't let you buy out of their donations until it has been priced and goes to the main floor. I've learned that it never hurts to ask. The woman working there said she'd give it to me for $5 cash if I wanted it. Original Homegood's price tag... $50. {happy dance}

I know it doesn't look like it in this picture {surrounded by a dark wood bookshelf and china cabinet} but I'm not really digging the dark brown. I imagine that someday she'll be painted white. However, I am seriously digging the texture/pattern. Here's a close up.

Now the price tag.

Original price- {before it went to Homegoods} $85.
Homegood's price- $50. Homegood's sale price- $25.
Price I bought it for still in it's original condition- $5.
That's at least 80% off. Or 90% off. Or 95.75% off... depending on how you look at it.

No matter what, it's a steal. :)

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