white vs. bright orange polka dots

Guess what?! It is finally my favorite month! In 12 days it will be Valentine's day and in 18 days it will be my birthday; so this month is Amanda month! {yes, I have a whole month}

Remarkably, I've already gotten a croquet set, gray rain boots with hott pink insides, and a favorite childhood book {magic elizabeth}. No, I will not get three gifts a day until my birthday {in fact since the croquet set was my valentine's day gift, I probably won't get anything else until my birthday}. However, I am bubbily excited about the gift Matthew is giving me for my birthday.

Waiting stinks, but I'll let you in on it once I get there. 

That's enough about February. Today is about white spray paint and the way it can make much needed, happy changes to a room. 

For the past eight months, we have been living on top of this restaurant, and there has been a neighbor in the apartment next door. We were blessed to get the apartment we have because {unlike the main apartment building a stone's throw away} there are only two apartments up here. Just ours and a neighbor. Obviously, that means no one lives above us and no one lives below us. Since Bradley moved out, {a couple of days ago} no one lives beside us! Don't get me wrong, Bradley was a good neighbor, but as soon as he moved out I did something I've been waiting to do for awhile. Picture me dragging everything we own out to our {previously shared} front porch. Down went the drop cloth and out came the spray paint!

You've seen the object of today's accomplishment before, but never up close. Here's the refresher.

See the orange tray on the coffee table? Yeah. It was supposed to be a happier yellow color and not read  so, well, orange. You haven't even seen it close up. It gets worse.

Yes, those are polka dots. Thankfully, I only spent a dollar on this tray in the clearance section of Target. When I found it, it was pink with polka dots. I thought anything would be a step up from pink, but I was partially wrong. This "yelorange" color is like a step sideways. It needed a hug from a bottle of white spray paint, and I've been told I give good hugs. 

A couple of coats later.

Goodbye, polka dots. Hello, clean lined white tray. Would you like to live in my living room? 

Better, much better. It just looks clean. Here's the angle that we will see it from the most {sitting on the couch}.

More would have been accomplished, but I ran out of spray paint. Resulting in a very sad looking $5 mirror

Oh, well. We're taking baby steps. :) Still, knowing that I've accomplished something that I've been meaning to accomplish for months is a great feeling. It's like the living room is that much closer to being completed. And I am all for a good step in the right direction!

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