Matthew & Amanda

Nice to meet you.

Matthew is a blonde window washer.  He's hard-working and faithful, a Christ-follower, father to a still-born son and two breathing daughters, a terrible liar, and the handiest man I know.

Amanda is a college graduate, Christ-follower, and church secretary. She's mother to a still-born son and two breathing daughters, goal setter, plan executor, and the author of the words you see typed in this diary of our lives.

Together we're living the debt-free, sugar-free life, following Trim Healthy Mama's eating plan and Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps. We've lost over 100 pounds combined, and we're working on paying off our final debt: the mortgage. Together, we're the perfect mix of steady and passionate, helping each other grow to be the best versions of ourselves.

Charlotte Pear arrived on December 10th, 2015. After losing her brother in January of that same year, this lady was a gift straight from God.

Portia Liberty arrived on April 2nd, 2018, a couple of days late, but worth the wait.

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