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For a few days now I have been remaking my childhood desk, but that's another post. In related news, however, the chair that has always been with my childhood desk somehow got left behind in Virginia Beach during the move. Instead of remaining attached to a chair that is falling apart I made the brave decision to buy a new chair. There is a thrift store literally across the street from our apartment, and for some reason, I began this journey sure that that was where I would buy it. Saturday morning I walked into the store looking for a sturdy, clean lined, slightly rounded {I hate the boxy look} chair, and walked out $3 later with exactly that. The seat of the chair was a dark brown {probably faux} leather, and while not unattractive, needed some life.

Matt and I jumped into the car and drove the five minutes to Lowes where we picked up the paint chip for the color we had chosen for the desk, and then walked next door to Hobby Lobby where we bought nine drawer pulls and a yard of fabric that matched the paint chip. {Here's the fabric on the top of the desk}

The yard of fabric was a grand total of $4. A firm kick from the husband to release the seat from the chair, and a couple of staples from the wife.... Waalaa! :) We have a new office chair. Perfectly reflective of my taste, and it matches my {almost finished} desk. So, $7 and a half an hour of my time = my new office chair. 


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