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I struggle with this. Lame, right?

Um, you're 21 years old {my birthday is in a month for anyone interested} and you don't know what you like?

And that's the problem. I know exactly what I like. I like vintage. I like cozy. I like texture. I like pattern. I like rounded. I like brass. I, who hate gold, love brass.

But... that isn't what I want to like.

I look at things like this... {younghouselove.com}

... and I love it. I want my home to look like that. That is a well put together room.

But then I look at these...

and {minus the footstool in the last one} I love them more. I wonder if all of those rooms could be a part of one house. Our house. 

Today, I realized my problem. It's a truth I've known about myself for a long time, but it struck me today afresh.

I hate being stereotyped. Regardless of whether I am stereotypical or not, I abhor being stereotyped. 

I'm homeschooled. "Oooooooooooooh. I see. School in your pajamas, eh? I bet college has been such a challenge for you. Have you been able to make any friends?"

I'm a pastor's daughter "Ah. Goody two shoes. Or rebel. Either way."

Hate. It just bothers me. Everyone is different. Everyone. Yes, stereotypes are made for a reason, but not everyone fits the mold. 

So, here I am. We have our first apartment and I have to decide where we are going with it. 

I have been called "boho chic", "shabby chic", and "American attic". 

But what I would like... when it's all finished {and even as we're working toward it} is for you to walk into our home and say...

"Wow! Everything is so "you"." 

And, no. We will not be painting chevron on anything or buying a fabulous farmhouse sink for this apartment.. Only tiny changes for now.

So, today I've decided that instead of working toward a "look"... I'm going to collect the things we fall in love with until I can say, "Whoa, I can see our kids growing up in these rooms." :)

The End

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