china cabinet

I am a sucker for antiques. Sure, I love modern shapes and patterns, but I'd rather live in a house built one hundred years ago and trade the granite countertops for a fireplace that has actually warmed someone in its lifetime. Having said that, my husband and I do enjoy the occasional modern indulgence. We made a decision before we got married to not bring a television into our house. That decision isn't for everyone, but in lieu of it we purchased a projector and a Clearplay. Basically, no tv, only clean movies. Now, where should the projector sit? You might not see it through the awesome woodwork around the top shelf, but it's in there. It was my husband's genius idea, and a good solid investment. I'll probably rearrange the contents a dozen more times before I am content to leave them alone, but here it is. This is our treasure chest. It already contains items from Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Richmond, Chattanooga, Knoxville, England, France, and Scotland. Our relationship, and its collecting, has just begun. I'm looking forward to all of the future additions.

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