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Four years ago I was newly married and had let myself get overweight, so I stopped having seconds and started walking more, and I was able to lose nineteen pounds in three months. I got down to 151, and never got lower than that. I blogged about it here.

Two pregnancies later, I started this year at just over 200 pounds, with a husband who loved me like crazy and literally hadn't even noticed I was overweight and a new baby, who thought I was the sun and the sky (and the milk and the cuddles). 

No one was pushing me to change, but I needed it. I needed to be a healthier version of myself. I took some pictures the day I decided to start.

A lady from our church was doing the Trim, Healthy Mama diet, and, as a new mother, the name appealed to me. Two sisters wrote this book about what God created our bodies to need, and I gobbled the information up, happy to have found a map for my journey. In six months I lost fifty pounds and happily slid below the 151 mark that had been my previous unbreakable low.

Today I am 150 even and not quite finished. After I lost the first thirty or so pounds, my husband (who had way less to lose) joined me in my food choices, and he has lost twenty-two pounds in three months. This diet has worked for my family, so I'm happy to recommend it to you and yours.

Edited: November 30th. Almost Eleven months on Trim, Healthy Mama's Plan now, and this morning (the week of Thanksgiving!) I weighed my lowest so far of 135.5. That's sixty-five pounds gone! When we get to the one year mark (The first week of January 2017), I'll update again in the same bathroom and the same shirt as the original picture!

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