Trim Healthy Mama Meal Examples

If you haven't read the Trim, Healthy Mama plan book, start there. Without a basic understanding of the plan, my meals will just be confusing. But if you have read the plan book, and you want to see what my normal meals look like, I snapped a couple of pictures this week, to show you what my "normal" looks like.

Satisfying Meals : Referred to as S meals. High Fat, Low Carb.

These are some breakfast examples. They both use eggs, but just because I like eggs. Egg yolks are fat, so having a full egg (not just the whites), automatically makes this an S meal. Here I had a full egg with okra and peppers, cooked in butter.

Where's the protein? Eggs are high in protein, and there's butter here as well.
Where's the fat? Same places as the protein for this meal: eggs and butter.
Did you keep the carbs LOW? I didn't choose root veggies, I didn't have grains, and I didn't have fruit. It's a solid S.

This S breakfast has scrambled eggs with cheese and black olives. We have a side of bacon and a side of squash dipped in egg, almond flour, garlic, and salt.

Where's the protein? Eggs are high in protein, and we're also getting it in the cheese, almond flour, and bacon.
Where's the fat? Eggs, bacon, cheese, black olives, and almond flour.
Did you keep the carbs LOW? I didn't choose root veggies, I didn't have grains, and I didn't have fruit. It's a solid S.

Energizing Meals : Referred to as E meals. High Carb, Low Fat

These are some lunch examples. I've got lean meat, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, and one wedge of laughing cow cheese on a carb smart tortilla, with a side of cherries. High carb, low fat. Also, I'm sipping a bai (blueberry is my favorite), which is a sugar-free drink that feels like a treat (and can be used with S or E meals).

Where's the protein? Lean meat and laughing cow cheese help us get our protein for this meal.
Where's the carbs? Cherries, tomatoes, mustard, and the tortilla are all full of carbs.
Did you keep the fat LOW? The lean meat and lite cheese keep the fat low.

E meals are my favorite, and here's another one. The bread is "Ezekiel Bread.", which we keep in the freezer and then defrost in the toaster before use. I have sugar free jelly and one triangle of laughing cow cheese on the bread. Cheese and jam is a winning sandwich combo. There's certainly no rule that says you have to use laughing cow cheese in your E meals, in fact this was the first week I tried it, but it was a yummy addition to these meals, and lite enough to use in a low fat meal! The sweet potatoes were sliced thinly, sprayed with a little coconut oil, and then baked on 400 until they smelled amazing. I sprinkled them with sea salt. Sometimes I sprinkle them with cinnamon and stevia, but the jam was already sweet enough for me in this meal.

Where's the protein? The laughing cow cheese helps us get our protein for this meal. As long as you have some in every meal, there's no set "amount" you have to have.
Where's the carbs? Sweet potatoes, bread, and jam.
Did you keep the fat LOW? The lite cheese keeps the fat low.

This is real life to show you what I'm putting into my body to help it heal and shrink. I hope it helps you see how doable this diet is!! I'm thankful that God made our bodies to grow babies, and that we can use His gift of food to change how we feel and how we look.


  1. Thank you SO much for this Amanda! I really have been wanting to start this way of eating, but I'm having a hard time coming up with simple--not complicated meals! I love these!

    1. It's exciting to be able to share my progress in a way that helps other women! Jump in! Ask me questions as you go!

    2. Do you have any go-to websites for recipes and such? :)

    3. Briana Thomas is the only one I've used. She has some good desserts :)

  2. Great!! Thank you Amanda!! Trying to get organized and come up with a meal plan to start this next week!! Here goes everything I got :)


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