mother's day

Four days before Christian's due date, three months after he was stillborn, on Sunday morning April 12th, I was taking notes on the morning service, when I felt God whisper so strongly that I noted in my margins, "God's going to give us a baby!"

It filled me with such joy. A promise from the Lord! That afternoon, my period started, but it didn't dash my hopes.

One morning at the end of April, Matt woke up with sleep still on his face and turned to me, saying, "Did you tell me last night that we're going to have a baby? Right before we went to sleep?" I was slightly saddened to inform him that I had not. "Oh," he responded, disappointed, "It must have been a dream."

It was these things mostly, that prompted me to buy two boxes of tests even before my next period was due, and that beautiful extra blue line, that has been missing on many pregnancy tests that I've taken, appeared immediately on every one.

It's still early in our pregnancy. Too early, you might say, to announce it to everyone, but I found it fitting to tell you before Mother's Day so that you don't need to feel sorry for us, because our Father has answered your prayers and mine.

The Second Nowak Baby is due January, 2016.

UPDATE: There's an update to this post because I was wrong. I was much farther along than I thought, and you can read that here. 


  1. Amanda, what a beautiful gift! I have been reading from afar and am so thankful for your story and the faithfulness that you always show. You are such an encouragement. I will be praying for you, Matt, and this new precious one.

  2. Autumn Snyder5/8/15, 7:41 AM

    Congratulations, Amanda!!! I am SO happy for you and Matt!


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