christmas day

Our baby was due on January 17th, or at least that's the date that they told me when I first called my OBGYN. All they used for that date was the first day of my last period, but last pregnancy they only changed my due date by one day later on.

When we entered the room for the ultrasound, the woman told me she would try an external ultrasound first, but that at eight weeks sometimes they'll have to do an internal ultrasound to really see the baby. As soon as she started, she changed her tune, "Oh. We're fine. You're fine. I'm going to measure this baby, but you're farther than eight weeks along."

But I couldn't be. I had had a period eight weeks before. After measuring the baby, she gave us the good news, "You're twelve weeks today! Due on Christmas Day."

 If you handed me a calendar and said, "There are three hundred and sixty-five days this year, and one of them is the day your baby will be born. You can't choose which day it will be born, but go ahead and pick the one day you'd prefer your baby wasn't due on."

Easy peasy. No-brainer. Christmas Day is the most unideal day to be born.

BUT I'd rather all of my babies were born on Christmas than not born at all.

It turns out something internally is bleeding, which is what I mistook for a period eight weeks ago. The doctor said it's not something to worry about unless it gets bigger and I bleed again (which I haven't, so that's good).

A four week jump!! I couldn't ask for anything better! It makes everything make so much more sense. I've been so tired, smell sensitive, and having to use the bathroom ten times a day. Oh, there's a three inch child sitting in my body.

Due this year! Since I already gave birth once this year, we've met our deductible, and this baby will be free if it makes it out before January. Also, the technician said she was pretty sure we're having a boy, but it's too early to make the official announcement. So.... Jack? Gabriel? Charlotte?... Either way, we'll get to meet you this year!!

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