in the garden

Yesterday we received an unexpected package in the mail. There's something magical about those, isn't there? You show up at home and there's a box on your porch that you didn't order. The box was heavy, and somewhere on the outside it said something about losing a loved one, so we were prepared for it to be something related to our dear son, Christian.

The family I nannied for in Knoxville sent us a beautiful stone to honor our baby, and though his graveside is a mass grave of many babies who were stillborn in Virginia Beach, it's special to have a stone that is specific to him. We decided to keep it at our home, in the front bed, because we're thankful to have had him as a small but powerful part of our lives. I know God has big things for our family, and we're thankful for friends who love us enough to remember him.

The vegetables are starting to pop up. Tiny green beans plants, radishes, and lettuce bits have made their way through the soil, and the tomatoes have flowers! I'm getting excited for the harvest.

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