streamers and cake

In case you've forgotten, we celebrate entire months for birthdays around here. October began with me leaving my husband a little note with two of his favorite boxes of candy. I'm super excited for Matt's upcoming birthday party, and I have a head stuffed full of ideas that I'm hoping to make a reality before the 13th. It isn't that I don't have the supplies necessary, but more the time when Matt isn't around to accomplish it all. Not that I'm complaining about him being around. I love me some Matthew Gabriel time. Here's hoping I get it all done {and that someone with a camera shows up at the party to take a couple pictures and prove we treat adult parties just like kid parties}.

Here are a couple of the links I'm using for inspiration:

My inspiration for tassle streamers.

My inspiration to make my own pinata.

I'm patterning my pinata after this free bike print. 

What are some of your birthday traditions? A couple of our traditions are to tell the birthday boy everything he is getting before he opens it and to serve him breakfast in bed. ;) I'm a bad secret keeper.

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