where are the children?

There's a neighborhood I drive through every week, and the sign as you enter makes you believe that children are hiding behind every bush, about to rush toward base, squealing as they run. I imagine the bike rides and pinecone fights {ouch} that we used to have, and I keep a sharp eye out as I creep through the neighborhood. I'm sad to say that I have never seen a child run out into the street. Yes, children live in this neighborhood. When the school bus screeches to a halt, I see then disembark.

Recently, it struck me. I don't see children playing outside anywhere. No one is shooting hoops, playing tag, or blowing bubbles. I'd like to imagine it's because they're at soccer practice, or finishing up their homework before rushing outside to climb trees, but when I think about life honestly, I imagine they're attached to some electronic device, and it keeps them hostage inside. As soon as we could, we would rush outside for make believe wars and chalk drawing. On the flip side, I do remember being glued to my grandparents t.v. when presented with cable.

Sunburnt cheeks + Dirty hands - Cable = Our future

How about you? Did you grow up playing outside? Have you noticed the decline in outdoor play?


  1. I have noticed this same thing, Amanda! I remember playing outside ALL the time.....right after I finished my homework, I'd head right outside to play with all the neighborhood kids. My parents didn't get cable until last year, and I hope to do the same with our future family :)


    1. I am glad to hear about other couples who are going to put the emphasis on adventure instead of entertainment. :)

  2. I completely agree! Our favorite outside game was cops and robbers on our bikes with all of our neighborhood friends. Our dogs were always chasing running up and down the street right next to us and our parents would be outside working in the yard or just sitting on porches watching the kids play. Definitely some of my favorite memories growing up. My parents still live in the same neighborhood, and there are still families with kids in the neighborhood, but it is completely different now...


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