midterm week

Oh, how I despise you. You're not only littered with abnormally difficult tests, you're also cold and rainy. No one should have to remember two months worth of classes at seven o'clock in the morning. On the flip side, this is the last time I'll ever have to wade through you, and that is completely delicious.

Matthew's birthday plans are in full swing, and I'm pretty excited about some of his gifts. :) Not that I bought them for me or anything, because that would be just like me, but still something I didn't do. The pinata is made, the presents are {mostly} wrapped, and I'm actually keeping some secrets from him until the end of this week. Normally I don't tell him what I purchased for him, I just force him into a game of twenty questions and feed him good questions to ask until he figures it out. Not this time. No, siree Bob. My lips are zipped, and I've made Matthew promise not to enter into a new game of twenty qs, no matter how hard I beg before the week is up. That is hard-core secret keeping right there.

In other news, this hand embroidered top is gorgeous, and I'm wearing my first scarf of the season. I love the colors and smells of fall, except for the smell of school before the sun rises. Yes, it has a smell. Sick nasty.

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