my first estate sale

I've been to plenty of garage sales, thrift stores, and antique stores, but I had never been to an estate sale. Not sure why, but I imagined that they were an "invitation only" sort of party. Like, if you didn't know the owners you couldn't show up. After all, I don't let strangers walk through my house and leave with whatever they're willing to pay for. Yeah, I was wrong.

Today, when Matthew came home he asked if I had noticed the estate sale going on just up the road. To be honest, I had noticed the massive amount of cars at the house, but I just assumed they were throwing a party. Silly me, I thought we were back in Virginia. :)

So today, Matthew and I spent $20 on someone else's home decor. I'm excited to show you our finds!

As a side note, they also had some fabulously huge mirrors, but they were both $100... so even on Saturday when they're half off, I don't know if I can justify $50 on a mirror. Maybe I can beg them down to something more reasonable.

Here's what we got. 

Two maps 30"x37". One is a map of the world, and one is a map of America. Both are National Geographic and laminated. I can't wait to use them to teach my kids.

A pillow that looks exactly like one I had favorited on etsy for $30 {$4 at the estate sale}. I want to bring more of this color into our bedroom.

A gray gravy boat. I love her curves...

And last, but certainly the most exciting... a king sized sheet {over nine feet by nine feet} in a gorgeous floral print. I know, it's orange, but you know what? I love it. I was thinking about making it into a table cloth {or two} but the more I look at it, the more I am sure it's supposed to be curtains.

It's thick, heavy material too. I die.

So, to sum up:
Two huge maps
One beautiful gravy boat
One perfect pillow
A 9'x9' piece of gorgeous material

For $20 total. Before yesterday I didn't know, but I love estate sales. :)

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