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I've mentioned it here before, but I'm a nanny. It's what I've always done. Sure, a little secretary work years ago and a summer at Chickfila could be put on a resume too, but I have given my time to raising children.

Raising children is broad. What I mean is... I've watched children take their first steps, understood their gibberish when no one else did, played hours of play dough, and hosted many a fashion show. Today's model: Lauren.

When Lauren went up to change for the fashion show, I waited at the bottom of the stairs with her little sister Caroline. Lauren yelled down, "Close your eyes!" So I picked up Caroline and stood there, eyes closed, waiting.

Caroline {who doesn't talk much yet} said, "ribbit, ribbit. rabbit." At least, that's what I thought she said. It was all a mystery until I opened my eyes.

 Lauren is looking stunning in a frog bathing suit, corduroy pants, striped rainbow socks, and white rabbit "antennas".

I love the way that children think. This outfit matched in Lauren's eyes. She explained it to me. "The pants are green like my bathing suit, the socks are striped like my bathing suit, and this frog doesn't have ears, so I thought she could use some."

Priceless logic, and you can't argue.

Not to be left out, here's Caroline. Trying always to be like Lauren.

What are you wearing today? Anything as fabulous as your favorite bathing suit with non-slip socks?

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