tiny bathroom changes

When we registered {at Bed Bath & Beyond and Target} for bathroom stuff it was mostly for the normal "trashcan, tissue box, toothbrush holder, and soap dish" matching set. We also got a gorgeous shower curtain, but our shower here has sliding doors so that won't make its debut til our next place. I still very much love the color/style/shape we chose {a rounded, dark brown set} but.. here's what I'm learning about life...

Yes, it's about the look, but function should always trump style. Here's our old toothbrush holder.

Some of you can already see the problem. The problem is not the toothpaste stains on the inside. It is but it isn't. The real problem was the bottom the cup. I'm about to show you a disgusting picture... so shield your eyes {but peek... so you can see what kind of nasty we were dealing with}.

I honestly don't know how normal people deal with this problem, but the bottom of our cup would full up with "toothbrush run off" water. Is that water clean??.... yes? It should just be tap water and toothpaste... Do I want to hold the handle of a toothbrush that has been sitting in the remains of my last brush?

No! This required action. I cleaned it out daily for awhile, but that just seemed ridiculous. 

Today Matthew and I went to Lowes, gave them $6, and left with the very simple solution. A wall mounted toothbrush holder. Guess which one we chose. The only one they sell. {what does the rest of the world do?} 

Matthew attached it to the wall, and the problem is solved. Don't worry, you may look at the next picture without throwing up. 

Yes, I will still {obviously} have to clean this one on a regular basis, but I will no longer have to feel like my hand is grasping old bath water when I brush my teeth. That, my friends, is worth six dollars every day. 


  1. Ag, great idea. I'm constantly cleaning our toothbrush holder out...

  2. My shower/bathtub has sliding doors and i put a shower curtain up anyway. it adds to the decor. :-)


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