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Matt and I are budgeting hardcore these days, always trying to cut back our spending to chunk more money toward paying off the principal balance on our mortgage ($73,733.00 to go!). Part of that is getting our income up: Matt working odd jobs after work, and me selling multiple things a day (@forsalebyhelpmeet on Instagram and Facebook Marketplace mostly, but also Offer Up and Let Go). The other part of budgeting is not spending money in areas where we used to spend it.

To keep track of day to day events, I've always used a paper planner (some people are entirely digital, but I don't trust my android that much). Instead of picking up a cute one (for cheap at TJ Maxx normally), this summer I'm printing each month off from shiningmom.com . Shining Mom has a bunch of free printables (you don't have to subscribe to a newsletter or anything) for different areas of organizing your life, and they're beautiful! So many free printables I see floating around aren't my style, but this mama mixes watercolor peonies with lovely fonts, so it's a win-win. Hop over to her blog for help organizing your life on a budget!

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