Nowak ladies

Matt has fallen into a good pattern with his new job, putting in more hours and bringing home more bacon, and though we miss his occasional early afternoons, we Nowak ladies are falling into our new patterns too.

We've been taking longer walks around the neighborhood, collecting lamb's ears, gumballs, dandelions, and anything else we find in the median. Apparently there might be a snow storm this weekend, but this week has been the best, most beautiful weather for backyard swing sets and front yard grass picking, including long talks with endearing old lady neighbors.

With extra time every afternoon before Matt gets home, I've been baking little Trim Healthy Mama treats and meals, cutting the grass, and planning an Escape Room Teen Event that we're hosting at our church next week (which is going to be amazing).

We're still going through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University, taking the steps, budgeting with intentionality, selling clothes that don't fit any more (boom!), and throwing all extra money at our house mortgage.

Lately Matt and I have been doing some Bible and heart searching, praying to be more like Jesus and unhypocritical (which describes Jesus perfectly) in our home.


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  2. That headboard is everything! Where did you get it? Is it velvet?

    1. http://ahelpmeetforhim.blogspot.com/2012/04/tufted-headboard.html

      Five years ago at a thrift store!! Sorry, I know that doesn't help you replicate it!

  3. Thanks, I'll just eye yours enviously! ;)


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