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Almost every day, someone messages or emails me with a specific question about Trim Healthy Mama. I love helping women make healthier decisions and make progress toward their weight loss and health goals. It's not just a couple of women, either. New women begin asking often. Yesterday someone who I have never talked on the phone with before asked me to call them about Trim Healthy Mama. It always amazes me, who all is paying attention, when I feel that I haven't heavily advertised my success.

Why do they ask me for advice? I've only been eating this way for a year. I know why they ask. It's because Trim Healthy Mama has made a visible difference in my life. Because I look different than I used to look. I look better than I used to look. They want to look different than they currently look. They want to look better than they currently look. I'm like a billboard for Trim Healthy Mama. A testimony that it works.

This morning when I woke up to a new message from a beautiful lady who I haven't spoken to in years, it hit me hard. I knew what the message would be about as soon as I saw it, because that's what people message me about. People know that I have learned this way of eating and am willing to talk about it. I was right. The message was asking me for tips and tricks as she begins this new journey.

I have been a Christian for more than a year, and I wish that I was a better billboard for being like Jesus Christ. That's all. That's the extent of this post. I'm not enough like Jesus Christ, and I want to be more conformed to His image and His desires for me as a woman, wife, mother, and friend.

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