Handy Man

There are many reasons why I admired Matt enough to marry him. One of the brightest reasons was the way he had kept himself from the world and close to God's Truth during his teen years when most of his peers (myself included) had excused themselves from conviction for a summer or two of sin. There are beautiful things I knew about him before I married him, and these past (almost) six years, he has only become more impressive to me.

One of the things he does remarkably well is execute projects around our home. He tore out the chimney that was in our wall (from the old furnace) and in his free time (which he has very little of with his new job) he has been putting in built-ins beside our stairs. I'm so excited to have all of that space to style with books and pictures and pretty tid bits. It's going to be beautiful when he frames it all out. Our hutch looks a little empty in this picture, but that's because I had taken all of our neutral hardback books to be props in the Egyptian Escape Room we just threw at the church for the young adults and the teen group. I'm going to do a whole post on that later. It was pretty fantastic.

Have y'all gotten into Escape Rooms? Matt and I have done two recently with some friends, and we blew through one of them (solving it in half the time) and then bombed the second one, which knocked our pride down a solid notch. They're a fun date if you're into solving puzzles and observing clues. They are pricey, but we paid for the first one last October and received the second one as a gift, so we aren't breaking our financial goals to enjoy this fun. Focused and not finished.

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