The world keeps spinning, the sun keeps setting, and I have experienced twenty-seven years of life.

My husband Matt loves me so hard. God knew exactly what I needed when he gave that man to me. On Sunday he told me to go back to sleep when his alarm went off, which was a gift in itself, and then he brought me (on-plan) breakfast in bed. He's working a new job, which, thank God, means more money and one of his best friends is his co-worker, but also means longer days, and (especially while I'm finishing out my evening pottery class) less time together. It forces me to be intentional and thankful with/for the time we have as a family.

Charlotte Pear is the brightest spot. She's sweet and easy, easy, easy to love. She's started stringing steps together, which is another way to say, our baby walks. She also is intentional with certain words and sign language. On the way to the car the other day her soft, sweet voice was on repeat, "Uh oh. uh oh. uh oh." I had my hands full, and when I realized she was talking, I noticed she didn't have her bunny. "Did you drop bunny inside? You were saying 'uh oh!' You were telling me!" I cuddled her close, rewarding her communication, letting her know I understood. She lit up, smiling and cuddling, as we walked back to the door and unlocked it, bunny laying lonely just inside. Obviously, that's a small thing, but to see her make connections between actions and words is a beautiful gift. Every milestone is a gift.

This birthday was probably the most low-key I've ever been. I wasn't counting down the hours or days, but I'm excited, hopeful, expectant, and intentional about the time and money that will pass this year.

I had hoped to be pregnant on this birthday. When I was expecting Christian, I should have been pregnant on my birthday (he was due in April), but he was born early, still, in January, and I was empty on my birthday. For Charlotte, I got pregnant in March. Being pregnant on my birthday is a gift I'm looking forward to thanking God for one year.

God's been good to my family. He's given me beautiful, God honoring friends. Just in this last week I've met two separate friends for coffee, and it's been more than small talk. It's been, "What has God shown you lately in His Word." and not in a forced, "Christian-so-we-should-ask" kind of way, but just, this is what He's doing. This is how I see Him changing me to be more like Him. I'm praying that this year will be less about me and more about Him.

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