Recently, my sister-in-law began a bookclub. It was well timed, since I'd been listening to podcasts/reading articles from Wild + Free and At Home Podcast about starting homeschool bookclubs, and planning my future bookclub. Sometimes I spend too much time focused on the future, and what I'm GOING TO DO, and not enough time doing actual stuff in the present. So, this post isn't about my future homeschool bookclub, or even the bookclub for adults that I am currently attending. This post is about the booklist that I've added to the tabs on this blog. It'll be a running list of books I recommend and also what I'm currently reading.

My favorite books, as you'll notice, seem to be non-fiction marriage/parenting/homeschool/lifestyle books where someone who has walked ahead of me gives me advice on what worked for/helped them. I do not enjoy or glean from every such book I read, but this does seem to be where I lean most heavily.

March (pictured above) was a book we read for bookclub, but I did not admire the protagonist and would not recommend it.  I'd hate for someone to see it pictured, consider that a recommendation, and then be disappointed.

I'll try to keep the list updated with my favorites and the books I'm currently reading, and if you find your favorite books alining with mine, shoot me some recommendations!

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