Charlotte Pear: Eleven Months

We are one month away from our first trip around the sun together, and every day she teaches us something new about love. She makes me so full. Her open mouthed kisses are intentional. What a gift.

 Recently she has started crawling on hands and knees (instead of army style) and walking along furniture. She has six teeth, with a seventh about to make its appearance. We don't feel quite ready for her to be a toddler, but I love this transition stage as she explores her surroundings for the first time.

She loves her Da-da, and I love to watch them love each other. Last night, after a long day of work, Bible study, and helping my parents replace their wall oven, Matt buckled her into her carseat to begin our drive home. I know my tendencies, and if I had had the day that he had, I would have been brisk or indifferent to our baby as I went through the motions of strapping her into her seat, but he was kind. He spoke to her gently and handed her something soft. She responded sweetly with the whispered, repeated syllable, "Da.. dada..."

Even on cold days, we try to sit outside when Matt is headed home (with fluffy winter jackets, hats, socks, and shoes). It's a time to poke at moss, dig in dirt, and watch the kittens in the neighbors' yard. We spent some time in the woods last week with Maura, and I'm making a list of all of the free parks and trails in the area, so that when I'm lacking inspiration, I'll have a place to turn.

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