Andrew & Kayla Pearson

It was the first day of October, the weather warm and quiet, a perfect day for no-sleeve dresses and love. There were four little babies who rode wide-eyed and silent down the aisle in a wagon, an answer to the mothers' silent prayers. Matt and I are blessed to be related to this beautiful bride and groom, but more than that, we're thankful to be their friends. Both of my brothers have beautiful brides, and I'm thankful that as our family grows, we gain friends.

We're excited for all the upcoming beautiful years of marriage, future baby cousins (nieces and nephews to us), and we're thankful for this picture perfect day.

Wondering what Matt and Andrew are laughing about? Andrew said, "Don't squeeze my butt. I'm not Amanda.... Or Bekah." That's a throwback to a Christmas a couple of years ago.


  1. Oh my gosh. I literally lol'd at the Andrew joke. I remember the story you posted a while back! Too funny.

    1. I love that she got a picture of them laughing about it. So great!


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