awkward family photos

Something very awkward happened between these two pictures: awkward and hilarious. It's a pretty normal practice I believe, for married people to touch each other, even in public, in a way that you wouldn't touch someone you weren't married to. You know: a hand hold, a kiss on the neck, a butt squeeze. All normal until the person you squeeze isn't the person you're married to. Yeah. As is family tradition, we filed into the library for Christmas pictures, and somehow in the shuffle my little sister Rebekah fell into line between me and my husband, Matt. I noticed, but decided it wasn't worth correcting. Matt, didn't notice. Now, in his defense, my twelve year old sister looks a little older. She's about my height and we were both wearing our brown hair pulled back in pony-tails. From the side/behind if you weren't really looking, and only assuming, I can see how you might make the mistake. Somewhere between these two pictures, Matt moved his hand from where it had been resting on my sister's waist and squeezed her butt, thinking it was mine. She turned to me, bright red and teary-eyed from embarrassment and whispered, "Matt just squeezed my butt." It's the kind of embarrassing situation only made funnier by how embarrassed Rebekah was and the whole family belly-laughed for way too long. The moral of the story is two-fold: Don't let your baby sister between you and your husband, and don't squeeze anyone's butt before double checking it's the person you think it is. I'm just glad it happened during family pictures so we have the moment captured. Forever. In case you're wondering, her face stayed that color the rest of the night, and made the smiles in the next picture into laughs instead of formalities.

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