Charlotte Pear: Four Months

The brightest, chubbiest, most beautiful part of every day, is this kid. She wakes up giving big smiles, accompanied by sweet gurgles, which continue on through the day, unless she's starving (which I'll admit occurs every two hours or so, when she's awake).You don't get all those rolls without loving mommy's milk!

She's sleeping through the night, has found her thumb (as much for chewing as for sucking), loves to be talked to, sings along to the best songs (Frozen's "Let it go", Les Miserables "I dreamed a dream", and Victorious Valley Girls "Last Blood"), and rolls around like a pro. She's wearing mostly 6 month clothes (some 3-6), and, as you can see, is making some of her 6 months into belly shirts these days.

Charlotte looks enough like her daddy that if we go out sans bow, everyone compliments me on my adorable boy (even in pink, sequins, ruffles, flowers, etc.) We think she's (mildly) allergic to tomatoes, because if I eat a meal that's heavy on tomatoes, she breaks out. I had the same allergy when I was a baby, though, so in that way, she's like me! Also, you can already see the muscle that will keep her two front teeth apart (gap city!!), which she gets from me.

I love being a mommy to this baby, and I love watching Matt be a daddy, but mostly, more than anything, I love having a baby that grows.

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