backyard buds

That one tuft of original hair, that never fell out, stands wavy, uncertain of its intended color, and golly, do I love it. She's been soaking through shirts, teething, the past couple of days, and even though she has her sad moments, she's still incredibly sweet. She gurgles at us and blows raspberries in response to every greeting.

Our yard is coming to life, with green shoots springing up through the dirt, and trees and bushes changing their buds into flowers. I was so excited to see the blooms on our apple trees, and we're hoping Mr. Bee will help them eventually give us fruit!

Spring is such a wonderful season. Every year, when the trees are twiggy and the air is biting, I forget that the world is going to burst to life with leaves, colors, and smells. So, every year, it's a breath taking surprise all over again, just when the winter blues are starting to overwhelm my senses. I'm so thankful for change and growth, in all of its many forms.

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