placement order

Yesterday we got a four page letter from the court in Arizona with this sentence among many others, "It is ordered that the children shall remain in their current foster placement while awaiting final approval as an adoptive home for the children."

So, just like that, the decision is made, and the boys, who we've prayed the best for, are staying in Arizona. I can't say that I'm upset, since we truly just want them to be taken care of and loved, but I hope that whatever it was we were supposed to learn through this process, we've allowed God to accomplish in our lives. It's a strange mindset to have to switch out of. They've become a part of our vocabulary and decision making process, and now we proceed with Charlotte in a set role as our oldest (though not first-born) child. I am glad that a decision has been reached, and we'll continue to pray for their lives as they grow into young men.

Charlotte's first Easter was spent with family on both sides, mine at church, and Matt's for Easter dinner. She had an adorable bonnet, which she did not enjoy, and other than that, the day was distinguished only by her parents singing in the car at the top of their lungs, "But at the grave, something is happening, as Death screams, 'I've lost my hold!' Angels rise in anticipation, for the Son is coming home."Oh, how thankful we are for our Savior, who not only loved us enough to lay His innocent life down, but also had the power to rise up again from the grave! I hope you're trusting Christ with your life, not just your every day life, but your eternity as well.

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