baby on a plane

For our fifth anniversary, Matt and I took our first trip alone as a family (other than our honeymoon). We traveled out west to Nevada and California with Charlotte in tow.

Babies on a plane felt a lot like "Snakes on a plane": Super suspenseful, intense, with a high probability of something horrible happening. But, unlike its slithering counterpart, (I should probably add that I've never seen "Snakes on a plane", so maybe that ended without incident actually.) everything went off without a hitch.

We gave her some baby acetaminophen before we got on the plane to help with the ear pain, and then nursed/snuggled during take off, and she was her usual, happy self. She's in a teething stage where she sucks/bites her fingers all hours of the day, which I think probably also helped (you know how it feels good to "pop" your ears when you're flying).

We had prayed that she would do well on the twenty hours of flights/layovers, and when God answered that prayer it was a good reminder to me to remember to give glory to Him. So when people said, "Best baby ever." I could honest say, "Thank you! God gave us a sweet baby."

I remembered to not only bring my camera on this trip, but also to take pictures as we went from place to place. You're about to see the whole trip in fragments, including stories about lost keys, scary hotels, and mostly, God's beautiful creation.

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