I want to remember these days. These crisp days when we left our house in all bravery, not knowing when someone would need to eat or sleep or cry, but trusting in love and grace to get us through whatever came.

Maura (the two year old I watch) has been such a doll to Charlotte. She says things like, "I sweet to your baby." and "She's my friend!", and it only makes me more fond of everyone in the world. We've gone to the beach a couple of times lately, the zoo again today, and the park more often as well. I feel so brave when I take them both somewhere, with all our stuff, so far from the safety of car and home, but really the bravery I'm feeling is an acknowledgment of the lingering fear that everything could go horribly wrong, which, thank God, it hasn't yet.

God has been good to my family. Even when I'm an emotional wreck (like, I took a pregnancy test today because I've been so up and down.) (No, mom. I'm not pregnant.) my husband chooses to love me, and my baby is always ready for a smile in exchange for some eye contact and high-pitched words. I'm blessed and thankful.

I don't know if you remember, but we went through the process of becoming Norfolk foster parents, because my Grammie's step-daughter died and left behind two boys (ages 3 and 1). There's a court date for them in Arizona tomorrow, and we're calling in to be virtually present. There's no guarantee any decision will be made tomorrow, but our home study expires at the end of April, so if the Lord is going to move the judge to send them here, it will happen soon. Just pray for us. For peace in wording as we speak to the judge and for all of God's beautiful plan to unfold in the lives of those boys.

Also, I've lost 23 pounds this year!! Still have miles to go, but happily chugging along.


  1. The boys that you once referenced to is the boys "that no one wanted" Here in AZ they have a foster-mom who has wanted them and loves them and her children who love having them for siblings. Most of all the are maternal Grandmother and Grandfather that these children are our whole world. You see truths were not told. We never wanted them to move or for Matt and Amanda to be their parents. This was a plan that was put into motion by family members, that have never met the boys; however thought they knew what was best for them. The boys adored their Grampa Scott and he felt the same way. After spending time with them he understood that their home is here in AZ. The judge rulled that the boys would be adopted by their foster family. We would all like to wish Amanda and Matt many blessed days of loving and growing with Charlotte. Grampa and Grammie Reif

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