Charlotte Pear: Three Months

Charlotte at three months is bright. She smiles and gurgles, grasps things and brings them to her mouth, and watches you walk with her eyes. She sleeps six hours in a row every night, never goes to sleep before midnight, and occasionally she sleeps so long I have to look at pictures of her on my phone to satisfy my baby craving. She has rolled from both her back to her front and her front to her back, but doesn't do either often. Occasionally, she sleeps through the night.

We've been brave lately, carrying her around the zoo and out at the beach, and she's rewarded our bravery (carrying a baby while bringing the toddler I watch) by being an angel and not demanding food at inconvenient times. The outfit she's wearing is the same outfit she wore home from the hospital. Not the outfit I had planned for her to wear home from the hospital, of course, but she had made a mess on that one, and my friend Amelia had bought her this little, green dress and brought it to the hospital, so, in a pinch, we put her in a three month outfit for the ride home from the hospital, and here she is, filling it out properly. 

I love her chubby cheeks and her arm rolls, but mostly I love the way her lips twitch, her nose crinkles, and her eyes twinkle when she's watching us. I hope every month is as beautiful as the third one has been.

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