Charlotte Mason, a woman who lived over one hundred years ago, has greatly influenced my education and child raising ideals. In one of her writings she said, "Children should have free afternoons and evening for generous leisure in and out of doors."

So, in an effort to spend more time outside with Charlotte before she can play outside herself, Matt and I have decided to start walking the little trails we find scattered around our city. Yesterday was the first day the weather has been agreeable in awhile, so we put Charlotte in her carrier and spent some time exploring.

Mostly, it was an opportunity to feel the sunshine on our faces and try Charlotte's carrier outside as we practice for our up coming anniversary trip to the West Coast, but it's also good practice for life, as we'd like to sneak these walks in whenever we can find the time.

I'm almost twenty pounds down! Hopefully I'll make it by the end of this week!

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