split personality

Do you even have a say in the personality of your child? Do you get to mold them to be kind or outgoing or funny or curious? You don't need to answer, because I don't imagine you truly know the answer yourself. But whether we have any say or not, I do picture Charlotte a certain way: talkative, curious, and bright. Sometimes I picture her playing by a stream (not like I often venture to streams... something I need to change) wearing all creams and greys and browns, throwing pebbles or watching birds. Sometimes I picture her painting pictures inside, with a mess spread all around her; wearing all neons and bright saturated tones. I've been reading parenting and homeschooling books out the wazzoo, trying to pick up any piece of Biblical or experiential wisdom I can find.

Mostly, I've realized that we were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:26), and God is a Creator, an Author, and a lover of beautiful things. All the things I dream for Charlotte are possible, even likely, the closer she gets to the God who loves her more than we ever could. It's going to be hard. Sleepy. Frustrating. I'm under no delusion, but I'm looking forward to the snuggles and the questions: the joy of parenting.

We got more information about the boys we may get to foster/adopt. The court has moved toward severing the parental rights of the father (their mother is deceased), and we'll get more news after the next court case at the beginning of November.

I need to start packing my hospital bag at some point. What are some things you think are necessities?


  1. Necessities. hmmm. Bare minimum could be: 1. clothes and personal products for you 2. a baby outfit for baby pictures 3. camera 4. snacks

    For Matt: he needs a few things for discharge day: 1. car seat 2. some extra bags in case people brought gifts and for the copious amounts to take home stuff nurse hand out.

    Be sure to talk to the lactation consultant if you plan on breastfeeding. They are very helpful. Hospitals have them and usually there is an after hours number to call for when you are home.

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  3. http://becominghis31.blogspot.com/2014/09/whats-in-bag.html This is what I packed in my hospital bag. Looking back on it, its funny to see what I wrote! I definitely did not want to stay in a hospital gown the whole time. I loved just some loose pants, a nursing tank and a robe. I think the thing I didn't think I'd use but was most grateful for bringing was a short, light weight robe. I liked it because you wear giant diaper pads after giving birth that totally show through whatever pants your wearing, so whenever you get up to walk around you can see that you're basically wearing a diaper! Having the robe helped cover it a little bit so I felt less awkward being up when we had visitors or walking down to the nursery with Reaghan. haha anyways... Have fun packing! There are a lot of lists on pinterest to peruse.


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