Matt's 27th Birthday

So, here's the thing. Last Wednesday was Matt's 27th birthday, and I didn't blog about it sooner because his birthday party was on Saturday, and I wanted to wait so I could post pictures of the party. Guess how many pictures I took. Zippadeedooda. It didn't even occur to me to get out the camera during the party.

This is just a diary entry. A little bit of "I want to remember that this thing happened." The little girl I watch went from person to person, calling them by name, surprised by the amount of people in the backyard of our house who are normally seen in other situations. My feet were killing me from the heels I was wearing to keep my maternity pants (which fit me well other than being inches too long) off the ground. My grandparents drove down from Poquoson. Michael, Kayla, and Amelia came hours early and stayed the latest. We saw Hannah and Sebastian for the first time since we were in their beautiful wedding two weeks ago. Chris did all of the dishes. 50 something of our closest friends gathered in our backyard for hot dogs cooked over a fire pit, homemade hot cocoa and chai, all sorts of sides, and games. Matt recently finished making a frisbee golf goal (or hole?), which is really very legit. We had people playing knock-out (basketball) in long lines, a little corn hole, pool, ping-pong, giant jenga, frisbee golf, and ladder ball. The night was nippy, but exactly the way an October evening spent around a fire should be.We ended with a myriad of desserts, including the pumpkin and apple cupcakes (two separate flavors) that Matt requested.

This year he wanted a giant toolbox of drawers, stories of great Christians, Power Grid, and micron pens. He got all of that and more, because I'm the type of wife who likes to know EXACTLY what you want and do that for you.

He's so easy to love, this husband of mine. It's no surprise to me that people crowd around to celebrate him.

p.s. Yesterday Charlotte kicked me three times so hard that I was surprised enough to say, "Ow." That baby is getting strong and taking up ALL of the space.

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