baby registering: take two

We have the crib, dresser, high chair, and rocking chair. Honestly, there are only a couple of things we still need. We need a car seat and something for her to sleep in while she's staying in our room. I think having a baby bathtub and 100 more baby hangers to hang thrift store dresses on sounds marvelous. Really, I tried to show restraint in registering, but registering for baby girl's clothes makes it hard to show restraint. SO MUCH CUTENESS.

We registered at Babies R Us, Target, and Babylist. Target was between seasons on their clothes, so I really didn't register for as much there as I thought I would, but might add some more clothes once they put out their winter stuff. Babies R Us had a bunch of great stuff that I registered for and then deleted from my registry, because really? Who needs a $400 playpen? Or a playpen at all? I thought I might, but then I realized, I don't. Babylist is website that lets you register for multiple websites in the same place, so I can add things from Land of Nod and Etsy etc. I could also have merged my Target and Babies R Us registries, but if I put them on Babylist I would either get lots of doubles, or I would have to delete the in-store registries at Target and Babies R Us (to avoid getting double gifts) and then if you wanted to physically walk into a Target to buy a gift, there would be no registry there. So, I linked the other two registries to Babylist, but didn't merge them.

That all seems confusing. Anyways, there are three places we registered for Charlotte's baby girl stuff, and here are their pros.

Babies R Us: Huge selection of all season clothes so Charlotte can be warm coming home from the hospital and have little dresses to wear next summer. They had so much stuff that I don't need but really enjoyed looking at, and some stuff that I registered for because it wasn't crazy expensive.

Target: They have my carseat and they're also a great place to register because people actually shop in  Targets and don't (necessary) have to make an extra trip just for Charlotte. Target is always where I go to buy people baby stuff (or gifts in general).

Babylist: This is where we registered for our crib bedding (from Land of Nod), some cloth diapers, and some completely unnecessary, adorable things.

I know, we're only twenty-one weeks pregnant, and there's no need to order stuff for baby Charlotte yet, but I couldn't resist the urge to get started by registering, and I know some of you are just as excited about baby girl stuff as I am.


  1. It was a while before we started using our pack n play, I was beginning to think it was a waste, but this past summer we used it a ton while traveling! And now that Reaghan's mobile, its been helpful to have to put her in if I need to jump in the shower while she's awake and its just the 2 of us home. Thats the only time I really use it at home though. I tried having her play in it outside one time and she wasn't a fan. I'm not sure what you're thinking for a bassinet by your bed, but we used a rock n play and it was great! Reaghan loved that it had a little incline so she could be on her back but not totally flat. And its small and can be folded up and taken with you really easily. We used it because we had heard a lot of great things about it from friends and it proved to be true for us as well, so just thought I'd share. : ) Have fun picking out all the girly things for Charlotte - it's a struggle not spending ridiculous amounts of money on adorable clothes!!!

  2. Just a thought - at some point I remember the playpen being almost indispensable - after they are crawling - they can get into so much - it was nice to be able to have them with me while I was washing dishes - yet contained.


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