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There are still bits of trim work and painting to do on our front porch, but all-in-all, it's looking lovely. My husband built the railings and posts. He's amazing.

We had our home-study walk through last week, and she didn't give us any changes to make, which is a relief. We've already had one interview this week and next week we'll have two, so we're still in the thick of the process, but this is the part where she gets to know Matt and I and decides if she thinks we're a good fit for these boys, so it's mostly just "be yourself." What else can you do?

Now that we know that we're having a girl (!!!) I can't help but imagine our daughter in two different ways. Either she's the oldest child, smart and talkative, the center of attention, or she's the third, with two older brothers to learn from and grow with. Strange, isn't it, that she could be either?

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