my window washer

I don't know what your husband does to keep your family's lights on, but mine washes windows. It's a job he wasn't looking for, when a boy I had grown up with called (rather randomly) and offered him a position. That same job transferred with us from Knoxville to Norfolk, securing the loan on our beautiful home and proving that God had handed us this opportunity.

You know the saying about cobblers whose children are shoeless? Well, we've lived in this home for almost two years, and these windows just got their first professional scrubbing. Matt and I have certainly been on the same page as to the priority of the windows; There were other things much higher in the queue, but when he finished our front windows, I realized just what a luxury people are paying for when they hire a window washer. They're paying for sunshine. They're paying to make their world bright and beautiful. They're paying for it to seem as if there are no walls on their home and bringing their flower beds and gardens, with all of their vibrant colors, inside.

It makes me want to tear off all of the blinds and shoo away all the children who dare to press their fingers (and noses) against my glass. I'm thankful for you, Matthew. I'm thankful that you work harder than you play.

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