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I feel like we're still getting over vacation. Like, how come in real life I don't get to spend all day every day with my husband? If you're a fan of our Facebook page, you saw that last week we hit 100,000 views. That's a big number for a little blog, and I'm thankful to all of you who read, comment, like, and share. I believe God has given us words to encourage each other, and that's the goal of this diary, ultimately, to encourage you to love your spouse like crazy.

Matt and I have been dealing with this giant thing: adoption. Not everyone gets it, and it's not for everyone, so that's fine. Some of it still scares me, but I know that if God has this for our family, it'll be so crazy clear we won't be able to get around it. Next week we have the physical walk-through where a woman, armed with a clipboard and a camera, makes her way through our house to assess its safety for little people. So, we're working hard, trying to address the things that make sense to us before she arrives.

I find myself not shying away from bigger kid clothes at the thrift store, which will eventually be used even if we don't adopt these boys, but will be used much sooner if we do. It seems far away still, but approaching. Unlikely, but possible.

I'm thankful to have a husband who is open to God using whatever means He wants to expand our family. Also, he works crazy hard around the house to better our beautiful, little home, and I can't get over how incredibly good-looking he is.

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