The Biltmore is the largest private home in America. Whether that means all of the Americas or just our United States, remained largely unclear, but the basic overview is GIANT HOUSE. It sits on thousands of acres of land and has over 250 rooms in it. You weren't allowed to take pictures inside, but my favorite room was the library. Picture "Beauty and the Beast" style. Spiral staircases that lead up to more books and thousands of titles in a room with a giant marble fireplace. If you're into architecture or daydreaming about becoming a millionaire, I'd recommend seeing the Biltmore while you're in Asheville.

The men in our family would like to recommend you pick up disc-golfing as a hobby, since real golfing costs money every time you do it, and disc golfing is a great way to spend multiple whole vacation days. The rest of us did some shopping, including a folk art museum with beautiful hand-carved wooden pieces, some eating, including a restaurant called Tupelo Honey Cafe (which you need to try), and tons of food making and board game playing. It's always amazing to have multiple days off of work, but there's a magic in coming home too. Putting laundry into your own machine, and boiling tea on your own stove is all kinds of charming.

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