goodbye, yellow couch

This week we're saying goodbye to our very dirty yellow tufted couch (which is really just a giant dog bed if we're honest) in exchange for a pair of chairs for all the space saving we can possibly muster. We've had this couch for a year now, and it arrived in a much brighter, cleaner state. Oh, Mr. Max. Why must you rub your body on all the things?

You can see both the new yellow couch and a much younger version of this pretty girl in this post. A year ago I mentioned that soon she'll be walking and talking, and now she does quite a bit of both. She was such a ham for the camera. Posing and then running over to see the picture I'd taken.

It's been a beautiful thing to have this baby to take care of while I wait for my own. This Friday we'll get to see littlest baby Nowak and, Lord willing, hear its heartbeat. The only new news on the adoption has been one e-mail and one phone call, both of which were to gather more/confirm information about our lives. It's a lot, or maybe nothing. How can we know?

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