around the house - june

We got a new yellow, tufted couch. Like, how many of those does one living room need? Apparently, I'm gonna go with two. When we moved the new couch in, we rearranged the living room. The fiddle leaf fig got bumped to our bedroom, so the record player could go on the stair landing. My mother-in-law gave me a new plant to root (Sweet Betsy), and I'm excited about adding it to the list of plants I've kept alive. Keeping plants alive is my favorite. They're such a pretty shade of life.

The little girl I watch is getting so big. Soon she'll be done teething walking and talking, and I'll be all, "Why do babies grow up so fast?"

Last night we had 13 kids and 10 adults in our little home, and we made a sandwich eating, board game playing, ice cream scooping party of it. It's nice to have our rooms full of kids toys put to use.

I think I'll do a house tour video at the end of the summer. I did them in Knoxville when we were in Apartment 8, and it was always fun to rewatch and see how things evolved. I know things are no where near done here, but it'll be fun to look back on eventually. Maybe I'll do a house tour before the end of summer.

In other news, I bought Heroes: Season 1 for six bucks the other day, so maybe I'll spend the rest of summer on one of my yellow tufted couches, eating Ben and Jerry's, and hoping that Hiro Nakamura and Peter Petrelli can save the cheerleader and save the world.

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