Someday, I'll place a baby in our baby swing and push him high into the blue, blue sky. Someday I'll wrap the blankets tightly around my son and lay him to sleep in the crib his great-great-grandfather made. Someday, while I'm washing dishes, I'll look out the window at my growing-up babies playing all manner of games in our green grass. Someday, while I'm folding clothes, they'll be little feet running around upstairs.

Three months ago today, our first baby died. I know that someday we'll have others to fill up all the spaces in our home, but today I miss the one who I almost got to know.


  1. I was 19 when my first two pregnancies ended in early miscarriage. I'm now 27, with two sons, and I still think about what my life would be like with the others. It was a long four years before my first child came into this world, and I remember having the same thoughts that are in your blogpost during that time.

    1. It's such a hard thing to lose a life you love so dearly. I am glad you have sons to snuggle with. Thank you for reminding me that others have gone through this too.


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