fig tree: take two

Yesterday it was a light, sleeveless shirt, and today I'm wearing my winter coat inside. Stop it, April. Just stop it.

Let's rewind to the beautiful day that helped us end March, a.k.a. yesterday. After a morning of mall walking and H&M shopping, Matt and I walked through the Home Depot green house. Normally I'm sort of meh about Home Depot or Lowes, but in the spring, when the world is green and the sun is shining, hide my wallet; I'm a plant buying fool. I didn't buy every plant I wanted (all the camellias), so that's good. 

We did buy two fruit trees for our front yard: one fig and one apple. If you're a hard-core stalker of our life, you may remember that last year we bought a fig tree, and it died. I'm pretty good at inside plants, but outdoor plants are, apparently, harder. So, we're trying again, and this time Mr. Fig has a Miss Apple to keep him company. Also, we're trying the front yard instead of the back yard, which we've currently closed off to our Mr. Max (dog), who I'm convinced has toxic pee and kills all of our plants that he can get to.

Soon we'll be tilling up the backyard and ready to plant our garden (which will be fenced to keep the toxic pee at bay). We're planning on tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, green beans, and lettuce. What are you planting this spring? Do you (also) want to buy all of the pretty plants you see?

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  1. Hi, just FYI in case you didn't know this (which we didn't when first planting fruit trees)...if you want fruit out of your apple tree, you'll likely need more than one! Some varieties are self pollinating though.

    1. We just planted a second! Thanks for the tip!


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