I'm thankful for the love that this man shows me. Yesterday, between classes, he added a gate between our front and back yard. He spends much of his free time happily helping other people or studying for school because he's doing everything he can to take care of me. He's the best mixture of strength and humility that I've seen in a man.

We used to be just kids. The first picture taken of us together (not counting the soccer one when we were literally children) was at a bowling alley with friends. In the second picture, Matt's visiting me my freshman year of college and giving me his childhood teddy bear, Christopher Robin Hood. The next picture we're married, still little kids, on a school bus headed to a college field trip. After that, we're on our first couch, in our first apartment, wearing our pj's. Then I'm on his lap on our front porch in Knoxville, ready to graduate. Next, on his lap again, we've moved home to Virginia, and we're praying like crazy that God will fill our home with babies. The second to last picture has our son in it, and I'm incredibly thankful Hannah took it! That picture was taken the day after we found out he was a boy. The last picture was taken this weekend. We aren't children anymore, not really. I gave birth to a dead baby, and Matt has loved me harder than I could ever earn.

Life is hard, but marriage is easy, and God is good.

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